Diaper Report 12/9/20, by Eric Peters

Much of the coronavirus casedemic can be attributed to the money hospitals received for coronavirus cases. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

An interesting thing to report today, in view of the threat made by el Presidente (s)Elect Biden to Diaper everyone to “stop the spread.”

My mom has apparently “tested positive.”

Here’s why this is interesting:

My mom has been locked up in a prison for the elderly – aka a “care” facility – since March, just before the mass hysteria really got going. She is allowed no visitors and all of the staff  are Fully Diapered at All Times, as el Presidente intends to require of all of us, all the time – if the (s)election stands.

The question arises: If the Holy Rag possesses the miraculous warding-off powers that its wearers claim it possesses, how is it that my mom has acquired the “virus”?

There are at least three possible answers I can think of:

The first is that the “virus” is incredibly catchy, as we’ve been fear-porned to believe it is. So catchy, indeed, that even in a practically Moon Suited environment, where people are hermetically sealed within and allowed no contact with the outside world, wherein the only people allowed inside are staff who never show their faces and – one presumes – all the other Kabuki Rituals are “practiced”  . . . it can still be acquired.

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