Massive Outage Disrupts “Majority Of Google’s Services” Across US, Europe, by Tyler Durden

Let’s see, in the past week the Deep State’s bank (the US Treasury) and the Deep State’s favorite Silicon Valley behemoth (Google) have had outages, and right now, Gmail is down all over the world. I wonder if any of Donald Trump’s 75 million supporters know how to hack into those systems. Just a thought. From Tyler Durden at

Update (0800ET): Google says problems with its services “for the vast majority of users” should now be resolved.

Meanwhile, a lot of Google Home early adopters are probably doing a big rethink right about now.

Because of the outage, some schools decided to cancel online school for the day.

We look forward to the inevitable flood of thinkpieces.

* * *

Google was hit with a massive outage early Monday morning in New York as Gmail, Google Cloud, Google Classroom and pretty much all of the company’s other cloud-based services went down, snarling business and education across the country.

Starting at around 0653ET, the website Downdetector reported tens of thousands of user outage reports from the US, the UK and across Europe.

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