The Stupid Establishment’s Lies Will Be Its Undoing, by Kurt Schlichter

You destroy your credibility when you treat people as stupid idiots. From Kurt Schlichter at

The Stupid Establishment’s Lies Will Be Its Undoing

The coming vaccine fiasco is going to be yet another example of our idiotic ruling class’ utter incompetence and total paucity of wisdom. It is clear that there is going to be a huge backlash in the form of people refusing to take the vaccine. The vaccine may actually be quite good – real doctors (not fake doctors like Lady McBiden) have told me it is. I have no dog in the fight, since my bloodstream surges with powerful antibodies that have already defeated the puny COVID virus and render me invulnerable to its .05 percent death rate for my demographic. But other people could use a vaccine, and yet tens of millions of them won’t believe the vaccines are safe and/or effective entirely because the Establishment is stupid.

Here’s how the Establishment is stupid. It decided that we citizens were stupid and acted accordingly.

The Establishment decided that instead of having a vigorous debate and discussion over the safety and efficacy of these prophylactic potions, they would just short circuit the whole messy truth determination process that Western civilization has relied upon for a millennium – argument, debate, and eventually consensus after everything is fully and freely hashed-out – and move right to the Official Truth.

All the smart set decided that the Official Truth would be that these vaccines were all perfect and necessary and that we needed to stamp out any hint of dissent lest people pause and think for themselves and thereby disrupt the plan by raising unapproved notions. And the tech overlords would do their part by ensuring that any info, ideas, or interplay that was not inline with the narrative would be suppressed.

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