Out of Sight: What to Do With Germany’s 1.35 Million Tonnes of Toxic Wind Turbine Blades? by No Tricks Zone

It looks like Germany’s all-knowing energy planners and green-power dreamers overlooked one tiny detail. From No Tricks Zone at climate-science.press, with a hat tip to SLL reader uwe.roland.gross

The rush to an all wind and sun powered future has left Germans sensing the kind of regret that comes with youthful exuberance – something about acting in haste and repenting at leisure springs to mind.

Having carpeted Deutschland with more than 30,000 of these things over the last 20 years, many of them are at the end of their serviceable life and a ‘green’ conundrum has arisen: what to do with all the toxic junk left behind.

Principal amongst the German green’s concerns is what to do with more than 90,000 turbine blades; each of which weighs up to 15 tonnes; each of which cannot be recycled; each of which has been deemed hazardous waste.

No Tricks Zone reports on another green disaster in the making.

1.35 Million Tonnes of “Hazardous Material”, Germany Admits No Plan To Recycle Used Wind Turbine Blades
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
21 November 2020

Germany began installing wind turbines in earnest some 20 years ago. Now that their lifetime has been exceeded, many are being ripped down. But there’s a big problem about what to do with the leftover carbon and glass-fibre reinforced blades.

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