Seniors Dying After COVID Vaccine Labeled as Natural Causes, by Joseph Mercola

Before the vaccine a suspiciously large number of deaths were attributed to COVID. A suspicious large number of deaths shortly after the vaccine are now being attributed to natural causes. From Joseph Mercola at

Around the world, reports are pouring in of people dying shortly after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. In many cases, they die suddenly within hours of getting the shot. In others, death occurs within the span of a couple of weeks.

One notable case is baseball legend Hank Aaron, 86, who died January 22, 2021, 17 days after publicly getting vaccinated for COVID-19.1,2 He said at the time that he hoped other Blacks would follow his lead and get their vaccines too.

According to news reports, he died “peacefully in his sleep” and no cause of death had been announced. Aaron was famous for being the home-run king of baseball, and broke Babe Ruth’s record when he hit homerun No. 715; he had hit 755 by the time he retired from the sport.

29 Dead in Norway

In related news, Norway has recorded 29 senior citizen deaths in the wake of their vaccination push.3 Most were over the age of 75. A total of 42,000 Norwegians had by that time received the vaccine.

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2 responses to “Seniors Dying After COVID Vaccine Labeled as Natural Causes, by Joseph Mercola

  1. Its plain and outright MURDER! Wake up America! Your world is being destroyed forever! And the whole of humanity. We are fighting a war of good v evil. It is that simple and REAL. What you are going through so are we. This is affecting everyone globally. This is not about America. Its the entire planet.


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