Saudi Arabia Sets Global Standard for Tyranny, but Asks: Why Is Washington Picking on the Kingdom? by Doug Bandow

Chutzpah is a Yiddish term but it certainly applies to the people running Saudi Arabia. From Doug Bandow at

Why is everyone being so mean to Saudi Arabia? No doubt, the poor, beleaguered, misunderstood royals ask that question as they busy themselves squandering people’s wealth, imprisoning critics, attacking impoverished neighbors, and spreading Islamic fundamentalism. Life can be so unfair.

Indeed, it is a travesty that even the Saudis’ supposed friends are critical. Only someone with a heart of stone could not have compassion for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman given the travails that he has personally suffered while solidifying his dictatorship, purchasing yachts and palaces, and slicing and dicing his detractors. So much harm to do, so little time. He is tragically unappreciated by the Biden administration.

The horror!

However, the beleaguered crown prince does have defenders. Eric Mandel of the Middle East Political Information Network asked: “Why does President Biden consider Saudi Arabia a ‘pariah’ nation but does not have the same level of animosity for the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose human rights history is at least as troubling as Saudi Arabia’s?”

Indeed, Mandel insisted that “Saudi Arabia has begun a process to reform its human rights behavior” and MbS “intends to implement his Vision 2030 initiative to move Saudi Arabia into the modern era.” How glorious. With North Korea’s Kim Il-sung dead, maybe MbS could claim the latter’s title of “Great Leader.”

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