Biden’s Racism And Mental Decay On Full Display During CNN Town Hall, by Jon Hall

The mainstream media, including CNN, appear to be overlooking Biden’s disastrous performance on a recent CNN Town Hall. From Jon Hall at

Tuesday night, CNN hosted a Town Hall with President Joe Biden where he took questions from Americans on a variety of different topics. Discussion included the COVID-19 pandemic, the re-opening of schools, a minimum wage increase, vaccines, and racism in America. The media engagement was the first glimpse citizens have had of Biden and his stances and views since he became President.

During the night’s conversation, Biden said that he disagreed with the notion that the nation is divided. He detailed:

…You have fringes on both ends… It’s not nearly as divided as we make it out to be and we have to bring it together.

Even whilst urging unity, he labeled the nation’s greatest domestic terror threat as white supremacists, saying that his administration would focus on the “rise of white supremacy” – a vague statement for a specific agenda. Biden also predicted things may return to normal in America by “next Christmas” after the Coronavirus outbreak despite earlier timelines from Anthony Fauci that Autumn 2021 would potentially see normalcy return.

As if all of this wasn’t already bewildering enough, it doesn’t end there.

Speaking of China, Biden claimed that “more people are retired than working” which simply isn’t the case. As of 2019, there were 775 million employed people and 254 million aged 60 and above. While bringing up the population of undocumented immigrants in America, Biden also falsely stated that the majority of the 11 million undocumented weren’t Hispanic. In 2018, it was estimated that 73% of undocumented immigrants speak Spanish at home and 68% are from Mexico or Central America – succinctly disproving Biden.

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