Marxists Making More Martyrs, by Becky Akers

Not all Christian pastors and their flocks have wimped out to the coronavirus commissars. From Becky Akers at

What horrors Christians unleash when they forsake the Word of God for their own ideas! Foremost among those notions is Leviathan’s supposed supremacy and the obedience we allegedly owe the beast, regardless of its blasphemy, brutality, or corruption. Virtually all Western churches proclaim this heresy; most Christians reflexively accept it despite the Lord’s multitude of warnings, in almost every one of the Bible’s 66 books, that the State is utterly evil and that it will consume us if we heed it instead of our God.

The price for decades of such idolatry has now come due now, during the plandemic. Paying it is that handful of Western clergy defying “Public Health’s” charlatans. The latest example hails from Canada.

James Coates, the pastor of GraceLife Church outside Edmonton remains in custody after appearing in court before a judge Wednesday morning.” His crime? His “church was not in compliance with the Public Health Order.”

Seems Mr. Coates obeys Christ’s command not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. He has refused to disband worship at bureaucrats’ behest, nor does he fall for the Satanic ploy that technology and “live-streaming” can replace our joyous duty of celebrating each Lord’s Day with Communion, fellowship, and the study of Scripture.

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