EU’s Own Goal by Playing Politics With Russian Vaccine, by Finian Cunningham

In soccer, or football as it’s known in Europe, an own goal is when a player kicks the ball into his or her own goal instead of that of the other team. It’s another way of saying shoot yourself in the foot, which is what Europe is doing with the Russian vaccine, and with Russia in general. From Finian Cunningham at

The European public can see more clearly than ever that their unelected highly paid bureaucrats are risking pandemic recovery by playing politics with Russia’s vaccine.

Italy is to be the first European Union state to produce the Russian Sputnik V vaccine for immunization against the new coronavirus. It was confirmed this week by the Russian-Italian Chamber of Commerce.

The Russian developer of the vaccine says there are other deals underway with Spain, France and Germany to manufacture the Sputnik V shot locally. This follows several EU and non-EU members already approving use of the Russian vaccine, including Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, as well as Serbia, Moldova and Montenegro.

Polls are showing the majority of European public want a bigger uptake of Sputnik V in addition to other approved vaccines. This reflects widespread frustration with the slow rollout of immunization by the EU authorities due to supply problems with Western manufactured jabs.

It is becoming more apparent that the EU’s tardy vaccination problem is being exacerbated by certain politicians and authorities playing politics with the Russian vaccine. That is an inexcusable diversion which will come back to haunt the EU in the form of public anger and discontent.

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