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No, “Covid” STILL doesn’t come from a lab, by Kit Knightly

Maybe a flu virus was repackaged as Covid. If it was, it blows the mainstream narratives to shreds. From Kit Knightly at off-guardian.org:

The big Covid news the last couple of days has been that the US Department of Energy, via the Wall Street Journal, has claimed that a laboratory leak is the “most likely” origin of “Covid”.

Citing “new evidence”, a DoE panel has amended their assessment from 2021, essentially switching “we don’t know” to “it probably came from a lab”.

This is just the latest step in the lab-leak theory’s remarkable journey from fringe idea to mainstream position, or from “conspiracy theory to government debate”, according to Forbes’ article timelining the whole process.

You know what OffG thinks of the lab-leak theory, we did a fact-check on it back in 2021, and then addressed it again in 2022: “Lab leak” theory makes no sense, and only reinforces the mainstream narrative.

Further, it can now be used as fuel for the “new cold war” narrative.

The US can blame China for creating the virus, while China can either claim it was natural or that the US released it in an act of “bio-terrorism”.

Both sides will claim the other side’s vaccines don’t work, but that theirs do. And, make no mistake, both sides will still very much want to vaccinate everyone.

In some ways this is a symptom of the failure of the Covid narrative. The greatest propaganda push of all time ran out of steam just two years in, and is suddenly fighting defensively simply to hold itself together. Because the “lab leak” debate is very much a fallback position. A retreat in good order, protecting – at all costs – the fundamental lie of “Covid”, viz – there was no new disease.

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Repentance, by James Howard Kunstler

With a few exceptions, the medical profession should be on its knees, begging for forgiveness. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

“You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible.” — Anton Chekhov

The doctors of this country — of all Western Civ, really — owe their citizens an apology and an explanation, and even then, they might not be able to save modern medicine. The doctors have dishonored and disgraced their profession. They promulgated a Covid- 19 vaccination program that is now clearly killing a lot of people early in life and unnaturally. To this day, no established professional group of doctors, or formal association, or major journal, has called for an end to the vaxx program.

The hazard signal has been clear for the better part of a year. The mRNA products made by Pfizer and Moderna did not stop transmission of Covid-19 and were causing widespread harm, especially in the working-age population between 25 and 64 who were forced to take the shots to keep their jobs. For the whole population, all-causes deaths and disabilities were still rising at the end of 2022.

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COVID-19: A Global Financial Operation, by Michael Bryant

Was Covid-19 launched to divert attention away from the global financial system blowing up? From Michael Bryant at off-guardian.org:

The COVID phenomenon cannot be understood without understanding the un-televised 2019-2020 unprecedented financial collapse threatening the entire global financial system.

The Covid-19 Pandemic story makes little sense when viewed through the lens of health, safety and science. Viewed through the lens of money, power, control, and wealth transfer, however, then all of it makes perfect sense.

The lockdowns, mandatory muzzles, anti-social distancing and the plethora of additional measures did nothing to protect or improve public health- they were never designed to do so.

The numerous mandates birthed by the onset of the Covid-19 scenario were all designed to deliberately break the global economy and crush small businesses as well as break people’s minds, will and the social fabric, in order to “build back a better society” that conforms to the dystopian visions of the psychopaths waging this class war.

The desired result is a billionaire’s utopia, in which they will own and control the planet in the form of a techno-feudal fiefdom where digitally branded humanity is regulated like cattle in a super-surveilled technocracy.

What this manufactured crisis conveniently camouflages is that we are in the midst of a planned total economic collapse- a collapse which was inevitable.

The timing of the COVID fraud became necessary as world markets were faced with an emergency debt crisis in Fall of 2019 which popped up in formerly mostly liquid markets: Repo Markets, Money Markets and Foreign Exchange Markets.

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Shocks to the System, by James Howard Kunstler

A series of shocks will soon upend mainstream propaganda. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

There is something about being detached from reality that makes it hard to go about your everyday business. In the quaint asylums of yore, it was understood that a few shocks to the system could bring lunatics out of a fugue state of derangement — a cold water plunge… an insulin hot-shot to induce convulsions… some electrodes placed artfully on select regions of the brain…. It looks like America is about to be treated to some shocks. Will they break the mass formation psychosis that styles itself unironically as “progressive politics?”

The first shock will be the painful recognition that Ukraine is not prevailing against Russia’s Operation Z, despite the combined efforts of the US news media and the Intel Community to put over that narrative. True, it took Russia more than a few days to overcome Ukraine’s NATO-fortified defenses, but now most of that has been neutralized, and we’re into the final weeks heading towards resolution — which will be a Ukraine that is unable to make any more trouble in that corner of the world.

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What Lia Thomas and Covid have in common, by Alex Berenson

If you believe Lia Thomas is a female, you’ll believe damn near anything. From Alex Berenson at alexberenson.substack.com. From Alex Berenson at alexberenson.substack.com:

Denying biological reality rarely ends well

A few weeks ago this email rolled in. The writer is a graduate school professor who has been on Team Reality from the start.

About half the class laughed out loud.

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Anatomy of the Hong Kong Disaster, by Ian Miller

Hong Kong was lauded for its exemplary response to Covid. Then the wheels fell off. From Ian Miller at brownstone.org:

It’s hard to believe that after two years of government policies completely failing to prevent the spread of COVID, there hasn’t been universal acceptance that attempting to control a highly infectious respiratory virus is nearly impossible.

Nearly every country that was once praised for their “response” to COVID has seen their numbers rise dramatically over time.

The mitigation commands — mask mandates, vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, lockdowns and lockdowns for the “unvaccinated” have all been disastrous blunders; hopeless flailing borne out of a desire to “do something” and to coerce desired behavior.

So it should come as no surprise that Hong Kong has joined the long list of jurisdictions to see their much praised policies collapse.

Equally unsurprising is that media and Twitter promoted experts have yet again ignored the ramifications of Hong Kong’s startling increases.

Media reports have consistently attempted to credit masking and other interventions with stopping COVID, but Hong Kong provides a brilliant example of premature celebration.

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The Ukraine Fiasco, from the same villainous scum who brought you the Covid Fiasco

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An Urgent Warning, by Alex Berenson

Covid cases, hospitalization rates, and deaths are skyrocketing in highly vaccinated countries. From Alex Berenson at alexberenson.substack.com:

The world’s most mRNA vaccinated countries now have shockingly high Covid infection rates. Hospitalizations and deaths are rising fast too. The mRNA experiment needs to stop. Immediately.

Something is rotten in Denmark.

And Australia.

And Israel.

Where nearly 1 percent of the entire population just tested positive for Covid.

Not in a month. Or a week. In one day.

You read that right.

On Saturday, Israel had 84,000 new infections, the equivalent of almost 3 million in the United States. Infections in Israel have risen unthinkably fast since late December. They’re are up 100-fold in one month, driven by the collapse of booster protection and the arrival of the Omicron variant.

Israel is not alone. Denmark reported 42,000 cases yesterday, equal to almost 2.5 million in the United States. France, the second-largest country in Europe, reported the American equivalent of about 12 million new infections in the last week. Australia had a tremendous surge in cases earlier this month, though it seems to be subsiding for now.

Daily new infections in Israel:

These countries have very different population demographics and previous exposure to Covid. They even have very different weather; it is summer in Australia.

What do they share, then?

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It’s 2022 and the Pandemic is Over. By Mark E. Jeftovic

The Covid and variants outbreak may be drawing to a close, but Covid totalitarianism has yet to be eradicated. From Mark E. Jeftovic at bombthrower.com:

A Procession of Flagellants – Francisco De Goya 1819

Only the most brainwashed True Believers will cling to the failed narrative.

For a few months now I’ve been writing that my thinking around Covid tyranny and these elite aspirations toward a Great Reset under their purview had shifted. For nearly two years I had feared that we were headed into a new dark age of totalitarianism and repression, that Western leaders would aspire to implement China-style social credit systems and completely takeover the economy and day to day lives of its subjects.

Make no mistake, many establishment elites do want that. It’s just for awhile there it looked to me like they would succeed. But then my thinking started to shift around that. I realized that the entire transformational shift in the very nature of communications (Internet), power (networks) and then money (Bitcoin) meant the very architecture of society had changed so profoundly that this type of top-down, centralized authoritarianism I had feared so much was now untenable.

It was trying to retrofit digital versions of industrial era authority onto a new terrain of decentralized networks and individual sovereignty (at least for those individuals who successfully position themselves for it. Everybody else will be neo-Feudal serfs, and many of them will actually prefer that).

I began to suspect that rather than entering this new Dark Age of Davos inspired technocracy, we were instead experiencing a crescendo, a culmination of over a century of creeping Marxism.

Covid, rather than bringing about a monoculture of globalism, which those who respected human rights feared, it forced the hand of these impulses. It became a matter of Too Much, Too Soon.

Further, my readings of history made me expect that when the entire false Zeitgeist around COVID, collectivism (including climate) came unglued, it would happen very rapidly. A la the fall of the 800-year old Czarist line in under 72 hours, or the collapse of the Soviet Empire within 18 to 24 months.

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