How Long Can President Biden Hide From Real News Conferences? by John Kass

A real press conference would expose the full extent of Biden’s mental deterioration. From John Kass at

How Long Can President Biden Hide From Real News Conferences?
(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

How long will President Joe Biden’s handlers keep shielding him from White House news conferences? Just how long will the “Hide Biden” strategy last?

No modern president has gone this far into a term without holding a real news conference, according to The Associated Press. And of course, being The Associated Press, this is described as “discipline,” not avoidance. It is described by a sympathetic press ally as a White House “strategy.”

But it is avoidance. And the fact is, he should be having news conferences. And by news conferences, I don’t mean questions he can ignore as he’s led off the stage by first lady Jill Biden, holding his elbow to direct him if he turns the wrong way.

And I don’t mean Biden reading from a teleprompter. He even has difficulty with that lately.

I mean a real honest-to-God news conference where Biden stands and answers hard questions about his policies:

Questions on China. On the Middle East. On the crisis at the southern U.S. border and the surge of immigrants entering the country illegally, including kids and teens, some of whom have been sent to a facility in Texas, which is renewing criticism of kids in cages — a direct result of Biden’s policies and campaign speeches advocating for opening the nation’s doors.

White House mouthpieces won’t call it a crisis. They call a “challenge.” But it’s a crisis of his own making and they know it.

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4 responses to “How Long Can President Biden Hide From Real News Conferences? by John Kass

  1. I seriously doubt there will be a news conference. It sure would be painful to watch.


  2. Still having a hard time with Biden being President.. How did this happen, what idiots voted for this corrupt idiot? Our nation is going down the tubes.


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