The Chinese-Russian-Iranian Alliance Ushers in a New Hope for the Middle East, by Matthew Erhet

Economic development is hard when an outside power is continuously bombing you or trying to change your regime. From Matthew Ehret at

The U.S. has little to offer a world whose underdevelopment has everything to do with America’s choice to reject its own Constitutional traditions.

As the USA continues its lunge into the abyss of obsolescence, under the new Don Quixote-modelled leadership of Joe Biden, Russia and China have accelerated the next phase of Middle East reconstruction and stabilization this week with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s March 24-30th Middle East tour resulting in the finalization of the long-awaited Five Point Initiative for Security in Southwest Asia on March 30th and $400 billion Iran deal on March 27th. These milestones were accompanied by a powerful Chinese-Iran joint declaration on Syrian reconstruction standing in total unified opposition to the regime change fanatics of the west.

The fact that Wang Yi’s Middle East tour follows hot on the heals of the March 23rd Russia-China Joint Statement on Global Governance should come as no surprise as many disposable nations across the Arab world with more than a little blood on their hands, have increasingly come to recognize that their participation in the collapsing western-run order is no longer compatible with their desire to survive. Among these nations are included Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Oman, the UAE, and Bahrain- all of whom hosted Wang Yi last week and all of whom have begun their transitions towards a new pro-Chinese paradigm.

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One response to “The Chinese-Russian-Iranian Alliance Ushers in a New Hope for the Middle East, by Matthew Erhet

  1. Your first line says it all.
    The U. S. Corporate Empire has little to offer the World.
    In reflection, i wonder if it ever really did.


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