Bye-bye ‘Burbs: Biden Plan to Create ‘Affordable, Multifamily Housing’ in the Suburbs Will Kill the American Dream, by Robert Bridge

People have been escaping deteriorating inner cities for the suburbs for decades. Now Biden wants to bring the deteriorating inner cities to the suburbs. From Robert Bridge at

If the elite coastal liberals think for one moment that their swanky communities are immune from woke rage, they better think again.

Hidden away inside of Joe Biden’s ambitious Job Plan is a proposal to eliminate so-called “exclusionary zoning” laws, which the Democrats now equate with “economic injustice” and, yes, even racism. In other words, the right to raise a family in a peaceful neighborhood beyond the bustle of the city is yet another symptom of ‘white privilege’ that appears to be heading for cancel culture’s busy chopping block.

Despite the stultifying conformity and crushing boredom typically associated with suburban living, perhaps best exemplified in the 1999 black comedy-drama American Beauty, this out-of-town living arrangement continues to define for many citizens the very essence of the American Dream. Beyond the hazy city limits, the grass does appear greener, the air cleaner and the schools better. But why should those attractive perks be the sole preserve of that pale-face tribe of Americans known as white people, silently suffering, as critical race theory explains, from an apparently incurable genetic defect known as ‘racism’? Another question might be, if white people are such repugnant natural born bigots, why would anyone wish to live near them in the first place?

That question is never addressed in U.S. President Joe Biden’s longwinded and exorbitant Job Plan, where, aside from pledging to fix America’s dilapidated infrastructure and growing the economy, a plan to radically remake the suburbs in the name of “diversity, equity and inclusion” has been quietly slipped in as well.

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