Washington War Party Creates Another Organization to Promote Endless Wars, by Doug Bandow

If you love to schmooze and you’re looking for a high-pay, low-work position, consider applying at one of Washington’s many pro-war think tanks or foundations. The script never changes and you’ll be spending most of your time sucking up to bureaucrats and politicians. From Doug Bandow at antiwar.com:

After 20 years of U.S. nation-building in Afghanistan, President Joe Biden ordered a withdrawal. Most Americans backed his decision to stop at least one endless war, but the bipartisan War Party in Washington is horrified. It believes that Americans should be deployed wherever and whenever people are killing one another around the world.

Elliott Abrams last week penned an op-ed celebrating creation of the Vandenberg Coalition, “a new network committed to advancing a strong and proud American foreign policy.” Abrams is a noted Neoconservative who famously participated in the Iran-Contra scandal and bizarrely served Donald Trump after claiming to be a Never-Trumper.

The Neocons already dominate Washington – Republican Party, think tanks, and media, such as the Wall Street Journal, which published Abrams’ piece. Neocon influence also reaches well into the Democratic Party. What was Hillary Clinton other than a Neocon in liberal drag? Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez appears to be as committed to promiscuous intervention as any Republican. Samantha Power famously expressed irritation that popular anger over the Iraq disaster – imagine that! – prevented war-happy policymakers like her from launching bloody new foreign crusades. So many countries to bomb, so little time!

But in the Neocons’ view even this dominance isn’t nearly enough.

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