Domestic Terrorism 101, by Freed Radical

This article is on the wordy side, but it’s a good resource for prepping. From Freed Radical at

Please accept my most sincere click bait apologies. This article was going to be titled Prepping 101, but with the advent of the Placeholder Administration all forms of preparing for the downfall of America and strengthening of the family are considered domestic terrorism, being anti-socialist and such. Domestic Terrorism 101 is certainly a catchier title, and it snags government AI which will now bring this article to the attention of probably triple the DHS and FBI junior analysts as is usual for TBP. Thus I would like to welcome all three of our government guests today. It’s an honor to have members of our elite terror fighting team on board for this foray into family preservation and American reconstruction.

A little housekeeping to start. May I use the term, “prepping”? I know this will trigger some salty dogs in the comments, but it’s a lot less typing for me. And I will also use the term “prepper,” meaning one who is preparing for the impending end and the new beginning thereafter. Just suspend all the television baggage those terms have gathered for the sake of this article and permit me a little domestic terrorist appropriation. Yes, it’s true that today’s prepping is really just what they called living in 1921.

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