The New “Respect-the-Science” Regime, by Thomas DiLorenzo

We’re being told to “respect the science” by people who wouldn’t know the scientific method if it bit them on the butt. From Thomas DiLorenzo at

The new mating call of the Bolshevik regime that now rules Washington, D.C. is “respect the science.”  Even senile old Joe Biden, a lifelong corrupt political hack who may not even remember anymore what planet he is on, is fed the line by his handlers.  It’s really hilarious to be preached at in this way since such people obviously know nothing whatsoever about science and the scientific method and do not have the brain matter to begin understanding it.

What the establishment really means by “respect the science,” however, is: “Do as we say, or else.”  They don’t mean real science and scientific knowledge, derived from research, testing of theories, intellectual debate and discussion.  No real scientist would ever utter the words “settled science,” especially areas of scientific research that are based on statistical probabilities, as is true of ALL medical science. (“The practice of medicine is all about statistics,” a young emergency room physician said to me recently).  The notion that the earth was flat was once “settled science,” after all.  Only ignorant buffoons and political shysters like Al Gore or Joe Biden (and your typical American “journalist”) would mumble such nonsense.

There are no longer any tradeoffs in life, government has announced, such as recognizing that lockdowns abolish economic freedom, impoverish millions, and destroy lives.  All of that is to be ignored, and anyone who brings it up is branded as an enemy of human civilization.  “Truth” is determined solely in Washington, D.C. as espoused by the establishment’s paid propaganda peons such as one Anthony Fauci, a lifelong government bureaucrat who went to medical school sixty years ago but never actually practiced medicine himself.

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