Academia And The Tragedy of The Smart Kids, by Paul Rosenberg

Education is supposed to stimulate and expand minds, not stifle them, particularly not the brightest minds. From Paul Rosenberg at


There are a lot of very bright people ensconced in academia, and that’s a tragic thing, for them and for us all. Academia, you see, abuses and limits their talents.

To put it simply and directly, academia has sequestered and drained many of the best minds of our era. Academics know this and complain about it among themselves, they just don’t see any alternative. (The 21st century status quo rests upon people seeing no alternative.)

For every famous academic there are hundreds of others, laboring for unimpressive rewards and a very narrow slice of recognition.

I know this because I’ve been skating around the edges of academia for a long time. I’ve never been a member of the club, but I’ve known and loved people on the inside, over multiple decades.

Smart kids are drawn to academia because it promises them a life of the mind, while being properly supported and respected. That appeals to them and especially to those who were abused for being smart.

What happens then, however, is that they are made to work stupidly hard and long to find a slot in some academic structure. It’s abuse, in my view.

Entry into the precious slot, however, isn’t really based upon ability or hard work: it’s based upon servicing the lord of that structure. Academia, you see, is feudal. Most academics, certainly the young ones, are little more than serfs. And if they want to get ahead, they must be very careful to serve the theories and whims of their lords.

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