Baseball Blew It: MLB’s Decision to Move All-Star Game Looks Worse Every Day, by PF Whalen

Moving a ball game because you don’t like a locale’s voting laws looked dumb when it was announced and looks even dumber now. From PF Whalen at

Two weeks from today we’ll wake up and the results from the 2021 Major League Baseball All-Star Game will be official. Whether we had stayed up to watch the game ourselves or simply opted to check out some of the highlights on our smart phones while sipping a cup of coffee, we’ll be able to find out if the National League or American League came away victorious. But there is one aspect of the All-Star Game for which we don’t need to wait two weeks for the result. The biggest loser of this year’s All-Star Game will ultimately be Major League Baseball themselves, and that result is guaranteed.

To be fair, the MLB All-Star game has never been must-see TV, even for its’ most ardent fans. After three months of non-stop baseball, many fans find the three-day hiatus to be disappointing and struggle to deal with the withdrawal symptoms that come with the various pennant races shutting down from Monday through Wednesday. But even then, and even with an opportunity to watch all the sport’s best players with one viewing, the game itself is seldom compelling enough to plant lasting memories in our minds.

Try and remember the top moments from the 2019 All-Star Game for instance, and most fans would struggle to cite even one. Indeed, the All-Star Game has always been somewhat of a tough sell, but after MLB’s disastrous missteps with this year’s game – their self-proclaimed ‘Mid-Summer Classic’ – fans’ enthusiasm for MLB in general, and for the All-Star Game in particular, continues to wane.

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