The US should back off and let China succumb to its own failures, by Doug Bandow

Backing off is not in the genetic code of American politicians, but backing off in the case of China might yield some interesting results. From Doug Bandow at

The CCP’s 100th anniversary is a time for honest reflection. For starters, Washington should not try to emulate it in order to beat it.

China has gone from tough economic competitor power to feared superpower in the public mind. Near-panic has seized Washington. Last month an unusual bipartisan Senate super-majority approved legislation intended to match the Chinese Communist Party’s supposedly superior economic management.

Policymakers should calm down. The CCP is marking its 100th anniversary, but in fact has little to celebrate. It took power only through the blunders of others. It grossly mismanaged China’s economy and society. Its supposedly far-sighted leaders today are imposing stultifying authoritarian controls that limit China’s future success. The U.S. should not be afraid.

A century ago 13 delegates met in Shanghai for the CCP’s First National Congress. However, the party depended on the Soviet Union for support. Even more important was the role of Imperial Japan. The latter’s invasion diverted Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek from planned campaigns against the CCP and consumed the best of his troops. Mao Zedong husbanded his forces for the civil war to come.

Mao was determined, but deadly. Millions died as the PRC consolidated power. The infamous Great Leap Forward simultaneously collectivized agriculture and botched industrialization. Chinese journalist Yang Jisheng, author of Tombstone: The Great Chinese Famine: 1958-1962, estimated “that the Great Famine brought about 36 million unnatural deaths, and a shortfall of 40 million births. China’s total population loss during the Great Famine then comes to 76 million.”

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