Return of Kabuki – If We Let It, by Eric Peters

You know they’re itching to drag out the panoply of Covid-19 totalitarian measures, including masks, at the slightest excuse. Will people resist more this time? From Eric Peters at

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To understand why the Face Diapers are coming back it is necessary to understand why they appeared in the first place.

More precisely, why they were forced onto faces.

Last year around this time, it was necessary to create the image of a “pandemic” and more than that, the image of near-universal agreement that there was a “pandemic.” Both were achieved by forcing practically everyone to walk around with a thing around their faces formerly seen only on the faces of the mentally ill – outside of surgical suites. It gave the visual of a national Hantavirus ward, sans the Hantavirus.

And of course, sans the bodies stacking up like cordwood. “The cases! The cases!” were stacked up instead.

The problem with that was – and remains – that there are still a lot of people who can distinguish between a “case” and a corpse. These people could see that the bodies weren’t stacking up like cordwood, that hospitals were not overflowing with dying supplicants.

They also knew – as in knowledge, a thing distinct from belief, as in religion – that if they weren’t sick, they couldn’t transmit sickness and that it is sick (in the head) to walk around with a rag over their faces pretending to be sick or pretending to be in dread of sickness or because others are crippled by hypochondria – an obsessive fixation on and fear of getting sick.

They also knew that even if they did get this putative sickness, unless they were over 70 and not in good health, they stood a 99.8 percent chance of not dying.

To live – and look – as if they were over 70 and not in good health made no sense to them. It would be like a not-handicapped person using a cane or a competent driver limiting his driving to no faster than 25 MPH and only down to the corner store and back because some old people can’t see very well anymore and they lack the skills to competently drive 75 on the highway.

In addition, they also knew – once again, as opposed to believing – that wrapping a dirty old bandana around their faces doesn’t impede viral particles any more than a chain link fence thwarts mosquitos – and for that matter, neither does the “mask” that most of the population has been wearing, these things being dust masks of the sort used by people on construction sites and even if of the N95 variety, poorly fitted or fiddled with by fingers all day long – and after all day long suffused with schnott and far more disgusting than palliative.

These people, if given the free choice, would choose not to perform this sick kabuki – it being disgusting and absurd – and by not performing it, the sight of them would have prevented the image of a “pandemic” and the appearance of near-universal belief in the existence of one – each reinforcing the other – from ever having successfully implanted.

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