Another Israeli Spy Story: When Will It End? by Philip Giraldi

Israel spies on the US government, steals its secrets, manipulates it in the Middle East, and nobody seems to care. People who criticize the situation are liable to be labeled “anti-Semitic.” From Philip Giraldi at

One wonders when the penny will drop and the American people will rise up and say “enough is enough,” Philip Giraldi writes.

It is perhaps not necessary to point out how the mainstream media in the United States as well as in Europe and Oceania persist in ignoring or otherwise covering up stories that make the Israelis look bad. Recent accounts of the slaughter of children and mostly civilians in Gaza by Israeli planes, missiles and artillery consistently try to depict the conflict as warfare between two comparable opponents, ignoring the enormous disparity in the military force available to the two sides. Israel has a modern army, air force and navy while Hamas has nothing but some small arms as well as improvised rockets and incendiary balloons.

The reluctance to criticize Israeli behavior is largely attributable to the power of the Zionist lobbies in the respective countries but it is also at least in part due to the complicity of Western governments in conniving at the Jewish state’s actions in its own region. The persistence in Israeli demands for war against Iran, preferable fought by the United States, was clear again this past week when the new government in Jerusalem declared that it would be increasing its military budget in anticipation of war with the Islamic Republic. Perhaps not surprisingly, the U.S. Congress also has several bills pending that would increase military assistance to Israel by a factor of three.

Aside from their overwhelming affection for the Jewish state, politicians and talking heads in Washington have always sought to have an enemy to explain why the foreign and national security policies have been such failures. Russia was so designated during the long years of the Cold War and more recently both the White House and Congress have begun to warn that it is China that is seeking to confront democratic norms and “export its authoritarian model.”

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One response to “Another Israeli Spy Story: When Will It End? by Philip Giraldi

  1. Israel has Never been a friend to the U.S. Its a playground for the R.childs who started settling it by buying up land in the 1880’s.The settlers revolted against the irongrip of elder R.child.R.child wanted mostly nonsemite,fakejews/russian kazharians to move into the Holyland and knew the world wouldnt approve/allow it to happen in a straight-forward landgrab.Theyve 0 right to push semitic Palestinians off the land.R.childs fomented w.w.1&2 and lo and behold,not only made yuge amounts of ! From all sides,but got everyones sympathies to found the zionist fake dream of Israel.Genetic tests have been done Proving that most so-called Jews are Not the true,Semitic Old Testament Jews as theyve been wiped out.Imposter Kazharians take their place.

    Jews have always tried to get others to fight their battles,do the dirty work while they manipulate and corrupt the outsiders.Israel admitted that the war with Egypt was a Choice!!Israel intentionally attacked The U.S.S. Liberty.Research it.There are many eyewitnesses to this.

    We should give them 0.Abolish the Fed like Kennedy and Trump wanted to do.The FED only was allowed because Wilson was having an affair with his colleague’s wife and jews were pushing her to coerce him into the decision or he would be outted.Israel had a hand in 9/11 attacks.


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