Drafting a War Against the Virus, by Bill Bonner

The star-bellied vaccinated sneetches are girding for war against the plain-bellied non-vaccinated sneetches. Aspects of it seem even more absurd than Dr. Seuss’s classic. From Bill Bonner at rogueeconomics.com:

POITOU, FRANCE – “Je n’embrasse plus,” said an old friend when she came to visit.

An exchange of kisses is customary in this part of France. But Chantal is taking no chances.

And so, the world changes. Fear… anger… shaming… coercion – sinister emotions slip like snakes under an old door.

Final Truth

We are exploring the Brave New World of a “mission economy.” We fear it is a dark place.

A mission economy is one where private needs and desires are subordinated to “public purpose.”

Unfortunately, the public purpose is decided, not by the public, but by the same elite schemers, incompetents, and jackasses who control the rest of government.

They give us the War on Drugs… the War on Poverty… the War on Terror – all missions accomplished!

And now, it is time to draft us for a war against a virus?

We’ve seen that almost all public health measures designed to stop the virus – lockdowns, masks, etc. – have failed. It doesn’t seem to matter what you did… the results are uncorrelated.

Now, vaccines are supposed to do the trick. But nobody really knows whether universal vaccination is a good thing or a bad thing.

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