Diaper Report 8/3/21, by Eric Peters

The Covid lies are wearing thin. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

There is an ugly rumor going around that Uncle Joe is going to pull an Uncle Joe (Stalin) in the near future – this week or next – and attempt to “lock down” the entire country, in order to stop the spread of normalcy, a greatly disturbing trend in certain quarters.

People have been showing their faces – and refusing to roll up their sleeves. This threatens the unlimited power of the Krankleiters and Gesundheitsfuhrers of the political left (and their GOP lickspittles who moo whenever the left says boo) and for that reason must be suppressed by any means necessary.

The first was an attempt to resurrect the Fear, via the variants. Delta Epsilon semi-moron. But it’s not working as well this time as the first time. A real-life case of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. The first time, the townspeople respond to the alarm; after a series of false alarms, they began to respond differently, with increasing disinterest. There is no wolf. They know the cry is for attention, nothing more.

Too many lies, too obviously lies. People begin to tire of the lies – and the liars.

“Fully vaccinated people don’t have to wear a mask,” said Uncle Joe. And now he says they do, again. His creepy little docktor said there’s no need to wear a mask – and then said wear two.

Millions will die – and didn’t.

The “vaccines” are “safe” – and yet, kill. At least 6,000 so far on the low end – 10,000-plus on the high end (of the VAERS reporting system) with the key difference being that some who died of the “vaccine” were previously healthy and young whereas almost all who died of the sickness the “vaccines” supposedly immunize against were old and often chronically unhealthy.

The “vaccines” are “effective” – and yet 70 percent of the new “cases” in the case of Provincetown, MA were “fully vaccinated.” It is not an isolated “case,” either. Israel is reporting 40 percent of new “cases” are “fully vaccinated” and similar numbers are being reported in England and elsewhere.

What is the point of taking a “vaccine” that does not “stop the spread”?

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