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11 Reasons Why This Was Joe Biden’s Worst Week EVER, by Michael Snyder

Joe is having a tough time with this president thing. From Michael Snyder at theeconomiccollapseblog.com:

Joe Biden has had a lot of bad weeks over the last 12 months, but this week has got to take the cake.  In fact, it is hard to remember the last time that any president had a week that was this bad.  But this wasn’t supposed to happen.  Democrats were promising a return to “normalcy” after the Trump years, but instead virtually everything seems to be going wrong.  No matter where you are on the political spectrum, you should be able to admit that Joe Biden’s presidency is not going very well at all.  At this point, even many Democrats are using the word “failure” to describe Biden, and this is fueling rumors that Hillary Clinton may run again in 2024.

Yes, Biden’s presidency has been such a complete and utter disaster that the absolutely unthinkable could actually become a reality.

Just when you think that things can’t get any worse, somehow they do.  The following are 11 reasons why this was Joe Biden’s worst week ever…

#1 The OSHA Mandate

On Thursday, we learned that the U.S. Supreme Court had voted 6 to 3 to strike down Biden’s cherished OSHA vaccine mandate…

President Biden urged businesses to bring in vaccine mandates on their own and pushed states to ‘do the right thing’ after the Supreme Court voted 6-3 to block his sweeping rules on private companies in a crushing blow to his pandemic response.

The high court did however allow a vaccine mandate for employees at health care facilities receiving federal dollars to go into effect.

The OSHA mandate would have covered approximately 80 million American workers, and countless workers all over the country that would have lost their jobs under this mandate are greatly celebrating right now.

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Supreme Court Sets Dangerous Precedent Of Letting The American People Make Medical Decisions For Themselves

From The Babylon Bee:

U.S.—The SCOTUS has struck down Biden’s vaccine mandates on the grounds that they are unconstitutional. Experts say this sets a dangerous precedent of letting individuals make their own medical decisions.

“What am I supposed to do now that I don’t have private companies working with the Federal government to force me to inject a foreign substance into my body?” said Linda Waddlebum, a concerned mother of 6 cats. “So dangerous and shortsighted. How will I stay healthy? I don’t even recognize this America anymore.”

In response to the court’s decision, a large group of protestors has gathered outside of the Supreme Court building. “Pfizer knows best! What they inject, I can’t object!” they chanted while ripping up copies of the constitution. “Give us petty tyranny or give us death! Abolish the Supreme Court!” 

“You can’t give people choices! What if they make the wrong one? One that isn’t what I wanted them to do?” said Waddlebum. “Next thing you know, people will decide to send their kids back to school and return to work in person without masks.”

At publishing time, people were dangerously continuing on with their lives making the best medical decisions possible for themselves and their families. They were even able to make these decisions without fear of losing their livelihood.


Sunday Talks, Is It Omicron Creating Societal Disruption via Staffing Shortages, or Are Companies Missing the Unvaccinated? By Sundance

Many of the workers who have the integrity and initiative to walk away from a job because of a vaccine mandate turn out to be some of the the company’s best workers. From Sundance at theconservativetreehouse.com:

An interesting question surfaces as the vaccine mandate is enforced.  Is it the Omicron variant creating the labor shortages leading to “societal disruption,” or is it the absence of the unvaccinated workers who have been removed from many companies?

In this segment, Dana Bash asks the chief White House political scientist if the nation should prepare for major societal disruption under the guise of Omicron.   As we have previously noted, the absence of a small number of highly efficient and productive employees, the vital few, can have a major impact on business operations (Pareto’s principle).  Is that what we are really seeing, and they don’t want to admit it?

It does not seem coincidental the specific areas cited by Fauci, police, fire and first responders, are the exact jobs where the vaccination mandate was the most controversial.  Additionally, the percentages he cites are very similar to the unvaccinated percentage previously reported in those work groups.

A data driven Suspicious Cat remains, well, increasingly suspicious.

You decide…

Airline cancellations today, again exceeding 4,000 [FlightAware Link]

It may be an uncomfortable or politically incorrect thing to say in modern times; however, twenty percent of the workers in your system of employment deliver eighty percent of the productivity. Yes, 20% of the workforce around you delivers 80% of the result. This natural truth has been consistent for decades, and within that truism is the nature of man – found in the Pareto Law.

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The Two COVID Questions Before the Court, by Rob Jenkins

Logically and legally (they’re not the same thing) the case against the Biden administration mandates should win at the Supreme Court. However, you could have said the same thing concerning the case against Obamacare, and we know how that went. From Rob Jenkins at americanthinker.com:

The Supreme Court has agreed to take up two vaccine mandate cases — the one involving OSHA and the one for health care workers (CMS).

A third mandate, aimed at federal contractors, remains in a kind of legal limbo. The temporary injunction granted by a Georgia judge was recently upheld by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Whether that decision will also be appealed to SCOTUS, and if so whether they will agree to hear it, remain to be seen.

However, according to Jenin Younes, an attorney with the New Civil Liberties Alliance and charter member of Team Reality, “It is likely that whatever decision [the court] makes about [the first two] mandates will affect the contractor one as well, since the principles are similar.”

So the importance of the upcoming arguments against the OSHA and CMS mandates cannot be overstated. They will almost certainly be for all the marbles.

Far be it from me to tell lawyers things they already know, much less what they ought to say or do. But you’ll have to forgive me if, after the ObamaCare and Obergefell fiascos, I’m not exactly brimming with confidence in our side’s ability to make winning arguments before the nation’s highest court.

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Supreme Court To Take Up Challenges To Biden’s Vaccine Mandates, by Isabel van Brugen

This issue was destined to wind up before the Supreme Court. From Isabel van Brugen at The Epoch Times via zerohedge.com:

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear oral arguments on challenges to the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

In an announcement on Wednesday (pdf), the nation’s highest federal court said it would on Jan. 7 take up two separate disputes challenging the Biden administration’s mandate for businesses with more than 100 employees, and for some 17 million health care workers at facilities receiving Medicaid and Medicare funding.

The court, which has a 6-3 conservative-leaning majority, delayed action on emergency requests in both cases that sought an immediate decision. The workplace mandate is currently in effect nationwide, while the health care worker mandate is blocked in half of the 50 U.S. states.

The mandate for health care workers was issued last month by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and affects roughly 17 million workers. It requires facilities that receive Medicare or Medicaid funding to require workers to get vaccinated, and has no testing opt-out.

The deadline for meeting the mandate is Jan. 4, 2022. However, OSHA said on Dec. 18 that it would not be issuing fines to businesses for noncompliance until Jan. 10.

The Biden administration’s private employer COVID-19 vaccine mandate, meanwhile, was promulgated by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). If allowed to take effect next month, it will force every business with 100 or more employees to require proof of a negative COVID-19 test on at least a weekly basis or proof of vaccination from each worker. Companies that don’t comply would face escalating fines.

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The Great Realignment: Countless More Americans Will Be Moving From Blue States To Red States In 2022, by Michael Snyder

The basic American division: those who want to live their own lives with a minimum of governmental interference versus those who want the government to constantly and ceaselessly and constantly interfere, continues to play out. It’s time for a divorce. From Michael Snyder at theeconomiccollapseblog.com:

We are rapidly becoming two very different nations with two very different cultures.  At one time we truly were the “United” States of America, but now we have been split into two opposing camps that deeply hate one another.  As a result, in recent years we have watched millions of Americans relocate for ideological reasons.  This has caused “red states” to become even redder and “blue states” to become even bluer.  At this point, there are just a handful of “purple states”, and it is in those states where our presidential elections are determined.  It is really not healthy for just a few states like Pennsylvania and Michigan to have such power, but that is a topic for another article.  In this article, I want to discuss why the mass exodus from blue states to red states is actually going to accelerate in 2022.

Right now, there is no issue in the United States that is more divisive than the COVID vaccine.

Most conservatives want to be able to have the freedom to choose whether to take the injections or not, while many on the left want to use the power of government to compel people to get injected.

It has truly been frightening to watch many on the left embrace authoritarianism so eagerly, and many leftist politicians just continue to tighten down the screws.

For example, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio just decided to impose a very strict vaccine mandate on all private employers in his entire city

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced what he called a first-in-the-nation vaccine mandate for private companies Monday.

He said the combination of the Omicron variant and holiday gatherings forced him to take “bold” steps. He’s giving businesses just three weeks to make sure their workers are vaccinated.

If you don’t get the jab, you won’t be allowed to keep your job.

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The case for compulsory vaccinations is dead…Omicron just killed it. By Kit Knightly

Viruses mutate, often to evade or escape vaccines. Which means vaccines are often ineffective against the variant. Are vaccines going to be developed and mandated for each variant? From Kit Knightly at off-guardian.org:

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Yesterday, Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, held a press conference where she talked at length about her “concerns” over the EU’s low vaccination rate, and how best to “fix” it.

When asked about making vaccines mandatory, she said:

It is understandable and appropriate to lead this discussion now – how we can encourage and potentially think about mandatory vaccination within the European Union. This needs discussion, this needs a common approach, but I think it’s a discussion that has to be led.”


Two or three years ago, I would have never thought to witness what we see right now, that we have this horrible pandemic, we have the life-saving vaccines but they are not being used adequately everywhere. And thus this is an enormous health cost,”

Of course, the idea that the EU nations are going to “debate” mandatory vaccinations is a joke, they are more likely to enforce them no matter what.

But any real, rational debate was over as soon as the EU and the vaccine manufacturers both admitted that the vaccines do not work.

By any pre-2021 definition, the Covid “vaccines” are not actually vaccines. From the beginning, it has been widely admitted that they don’t stop you getting the disease, and they don’t stop you spreading it.

Every day we hear about some famous person or other testing positive “despite being vaccinated”.

The EU has already hinted that their vaccination passes (which, ironically enough, they appear to have been planning for “two or three years” despite von der Leyen claiming they never saw the pandemic coming), will expire in nine months.

Why will they expire?

Because the “protection” allegedly conferred by the vaccine wears off.

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No Small Victory . . . for the Moment, by Eric Peters

The United Auto Workers will have nothing to do with vaccine mandates and they have enough political and economic strength that they’re going to get away with it. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

The Biden Thing must be chewing the rug at the ersatz Oval Office by now. The news having reached his hearing aides that the Big Three have backed down on their prior threat to require Jabs in order for union employees to keep their jobs.

They will, however, continue to demoralize them – and pressure them to receive the anointing – by requiring the Unjabbed to “mask” forever, amen. And salaried employees who haven’t got a union to protect their interests against the corporation’s interests still face the Sophie’s choice – their health or their job.

According to Reuters, about 80 percent of GM, Ford and Stellantis (the combine that includes Dodge, Chrysler, Ram trucks and Jeep) have chosen the former for the sake of keeping the latter. It’s the kind of choice no person in a free society ought to be forced to make – precisely because it means we no longer live in a free society.

Some will say: But no one is forced to work for these companies; they are freeeeeeee to choose to not work there, if the terms and conditions seem objectionable to them. This is an imbecility that ought not to require deconstruction but does – precisely because there are a lot of imbeciles on the loose.

In the first place, these terms and conditions do not flow freely – without duress. They flow from Washington, which is applying the duress.


With the object of the latter being to render it impossible to work anywhere, without submitting to the loathsome decree that demands one surrender one’s body for experimentation as the condition of continued employment.

Re-stated, the objection is that Washington intends to eliminate free choice, by leaving the only choice:

To be Jabbed – or be unemployed.

To work – or to starve.

Everything that comes from Washington is by definition not free since Washington is force. When it “asks” it is telling. This is the art of the mobster, a form of life slightly more evolved than the ones scurrying around the federal city, who lack even the mobster’s earthy honesty regarding his trade.

These corporations aren’t free, either.

They have become the spider’s legs – and fangs – manipulating the victims caught in Washington’s web. Which, interestingly enough, has also captured them.

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Biden Administration Pushes Mandate Despite Court and OSHA, by Jeffrey Tucker

So much for the rule of law. From Jeffrey Tucker at brownstone.org:

The Biden White House is demanding that American businesses comply with a vaccine edict that profoundly affects the lives of 80 million people and massively increases compliance costs for private businesses. And it is doing this despite a court order to the contrary. It is further doing this despite an announcement from the relevant regulatory agency that it will neither implement nor enforce the order.

“Our message to businesses right now is to move forward with measures that will make their workplaces safer and protect their workforces from COVID-19,” Jen Psaki told reporters. “That was our message after the first stay issued by the Fifth Circuit. That remains our message and nothing has changed.”

The Epoch Times comments:

Despite OSHA’s decision and the legal challenges, Psaki said the Biden administration is confident that it has the authority to implement the rule and confirmed the White House is still working under the guise that businesses will implement the mandate by Jan. 4.

The court said very plainly that it does NOT have the authority. The 6th Circuit is going to hear the case soon too, and it is nearly certain to decide along the same lines at the 5th Circuit. The Biden administration will appeal to the Supreme Court but the logic and arguments of the lower court are so solid that it is highly doubtful that the highest court will reverse the lower courts.

In other words, the edict seems headed for the dustbin of juridical history. But what does the Biden administration care?

OSHA has posted on its website as follows:

On November 12, 2021, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit granted a motion to stay OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard, published on November 5, 2021 (86 Fed. Reg. 61402) (“ETS”). The court ordered that OSHA “take no steps to implement or enforce” the ETS “until further court order.” While OSHA remains confident in its authority to protect workers in emergencies, OSHA has suspended activities related to the implementation and enforcement of the ETS pending future developments in the litigation.

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By Way of Analogy . . ., by Eric Peters

Every person any of us cross paths with during our lifetimes poses some risk of transmitting a disease to us. It’s one of the risks we live with because not to do so would pose intolerable costs and destroy freedom. Safety never has been and never can be an absolute. Why Covid became “special” may be a question eventually answered in a Nuremberg-like proceeding someday. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Analogies are more than just another way of saying the same thing. They are a way to explain the essential meaning of a thing.

Here’s one that may help those who don’t understand the opposition of many healthy people to anyone being forced to submit to an injection – of anything – but in this case (the test case, so to speak) of drugs they don’t need for a sickness they haven’t got, to ease the fears of people who’ve become sick in another way:

Imagine a person who is terrified of mental illness. Who obsessively worries that those around him – it could be anyone! – might be deranged or becoming so. That they pose a current and ongoing threat, since they just might lose it and do something crazy.

Even though they haven’t. Even if they haven’t given any reason to suspect they might.

It is the possibility – hysterically exaggerated, within their minds – which alarms.

This person who is terrified of the possibility of mental illness demands that everyone be regularly tested for signs of mental illness to make them feel “safe.” Also that everyone be forced to take psychiatric drugs – just in case and to “stop the spread” – even if they haven’t “tested positive” for mental illness.

Because you never know – and if it saves even one life.

Those who object are selfish people. They don’t care. They are putting us all at risk!

If they refuse to be tested – and refuse the psych meds – fire them from their jobs for “noncompliance,” forcibly ostracize them from public life, deny them access to food and perhaps even forcibly take these terrible people into custody for “treatment”  . . . so as to “keep us safe” and for “the good of the community.”

Would you be ok with that?

If not, then why be ok with this sick insistence that everyone be presumed physically ill? Not just right now – but forever?

 It doesn’t matter – to the people who take this view – that you’re healthy today.

You might not be tomorrow. You could become sick. You might spread what you could get . . . just like you (anyone) might become sick in the head tomorrow, even though you seem (even if you are) just fine today. You might decide to shoot up your workplace, tomorrow – or a school!

We can never be  . . . too safe.

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