The Immorality of Ignoring Ivermectin, by Parker Beauregard

How can a medical profession that is charged with doing all within its power to improve health and save lives ignore a Covid remedy that is safe and has been proven effective both anecdotally and in randomized and controlled trials? From Parker Beauregard at

“While this court is sympathetic to the Plaintiff and understands the idea of wanting to do anything to help her loved one, public policy should not and does not support allowing a physician to try ‘any’ type of treatment on human beings.”

This was the stated decision by an Ohio judge on September 6th in response to experimental Covid treatments being administered to a hospital patient. Now, someone waking up from a coma might interpret this pronouncement as an end to vaccine mandates, and indeed most messaging around Covid vaccination in general. They would have good reason to suspect as much. After all, by the judge’s own logic, “public policy should not and does not support allowing a physician to try any type of treatment on human beings.” If an experimental, gene-altering vaccine that was rushed through production and approval does not qualify as “any type of treatment,” then what would?

Tragically, the judge’s did not relate to experimental and unproven vaccines; instead, it referred to the denial of a fifty-year-old generic drug with a proven safety record as a potential Covid therapeutic.

Judges in Ohio, unfortunately, are far from the only evil creatures wading into medical malpractice. Throughout the pandemic, mainstream media and political string-pullers have attempted to further discredit the phenomenal success of Ivermectin in places as diverse and far ranging as Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Peru, India, and elsewhere. Courageous doctors at America’s Frontline Doctors and Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance have developed successful treatment protocols,  who are at best are ignored, and at worst demonized, by the likes of corrupt individuals like Anthony Fauci and corrupt organizations like the CDC.

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