Diaper Report 11/14/21, by Eric Peters

This is what has become an increasingly frequent story: a athlete in the prime of life and prime condition gets a vaccine and is hit with myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

This report is personal, almost.

My friend Jeff – mentioned in a prior report about the pressure he’s under at work to submit to the Jab – told me yesterday about one of his hard-core cycling friends who has been diagnosed with myocarditis.

Guess when?


Shortly after he got Jabbed, he got sick. He had been not just healthy but very healthy. Specifically, heart healthy. You have to be very heart healthy – in fantastic cardiovascular condition – in order to pedal (not ride) a bicycle competitively. Which is what this guy and guys like my buddy Jeff do. They pedal them for 50 miles straight on 90 degree days. They pedal them up grades that are challenging for most people to walk up. They do timed races.

Well, one of them still does.

My friend Jeff’s friend will probably never do it again.

Myocarditis is serious – sometimes, permanently serious – business. Unlike the ‘Rona – which poses almost no serious risk to healthy young athletes – those afflicted with myocarditis are likely to die if not treated. From heart failure, for instance. This is something that almost never happened to healthy young athletes  . . . before healthy young athletes (and healthy young people, generally) were pressured to roll up their sleeves.

What happened to my friend Jeff’s friend tracks with what is happening to other healthy young athletes who’ve been Jabbed. These include Atlanta Hawks guard Brandon Goodwin (see here) and Denver Broncos offensive guard Graham Glasgow (see here).

Shortly after the needle was withdrawn, he began to feel sick. His pulse began to race. It became a struggle to stand up and stay standing up. He felt exhausted for no reason.

He went back to the same people who made him sick to find out what had happened. They would not tell him why – only that he was.

Myocarditis. Heart inflammation.

Out of the blue, just like that. It just happened to have happened after he’d been Jabbed. No correlation there. Nothing to see, here.

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