Hey Girl . . .


h/t Burning Platform

5 responses to “Hey Girl . . .

  1. It always comes down to what works Lol



    It’s more than obvious. The Leviathan, Deep State, Marxists, Globalists, Banksters, and their minions with badges, military uniforms, and guns want us all dead or prostrate and enslaved. They have “introduced” a “new strain” to resume the lockdowns and paranoia. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.


  3. Beauty, did it hurt? Did what hurt? When you landed on earth after you fell out of heaven. I was never slapped so hard across my face, as I was by my first wife, in high school. Should have known then what was coming. We just keep getting slapped by our shit-fake govt., and few seem to understand it’s an abusive relationship, about to get worse. Stockholm Syndrome, or Co-Dependent, take your pick. Won’t matter when it turns extremely violent some Saturday night, fueled by alcohol and hubris. I think the song was by the Mills Brothers, You only hurt the one that you love. Robert, you columns and sage advice have been priceless to me. A safe shore in a raging storm.


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