As Evidence of Pathogenic Priming Mounts, Calls for New Medical Approaches to Mute Autoimmunity Must Be Addressed, by James Lyons-Weiler

If after only a few months your vaccine stops protecting you from the virus it’s supposed to protect you against, you haven’t been given have an effective vaccine. From James Lyons-Weiler at

A compilation of evidence is disturbing. Further mass casualities might be preventable.

Pathogenic priming, as originally described, is the act of exposing people (or animals) to epitopes that match human proteins, leading to the inducement of autoreactogenic antibodies that attack tissues anywhere in the body. I described pathogenic priming in April, 2020 and predicted that tissues across the body could become afflicted due to exposure to COVID-19 proteins.

Evidence is mounting that points to pathogenic priming contributing morbidity and mortality among the vaccinated, including

  • Increased all-cause mortality
  • Histopathological evidence of autoimmunity across various organs.

An important message, with data, came to me today on one of my many email threads. I am sharing this on Popular Rationalism with permission Ronald Kostoff, who fowarded the analysis below:

A German pathologist performed autopsies on fifteen post-inoculation patients who died, and found that >90% had their organs attacked by their immune systems (autoimmunity).  The following video describes the main results ( ), and a written summary follows (  The full 4 hr symposium  that was live-streamed on December 10th, 2021 and that contains this and other valuable information can be found here  Gold Standard Covid Science in Practice: Interdisciplinary Symposium II, December 10, 2021 – Doctors for COVID Ethics (

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