Science: What it Is, What It Isn’t, by Paul Rosenberg

Real science can be incredibly complex, but the philosophical underpinnings of all science is simple and straightforward. From Paul Rosenberg at

Science, since it was monopolized by institutions and especially over the past two years, has become something quite other than what it was found to be during the early Enlightenment. That is, what is called science by the mouthpieces of the status quo is not what science was originally.

Children need to be familiarized with science proper, especially right now, or they will think the way things are is the way they’ve always been… because they are the only things they’ve ever experienced. Hence, this installment is dedicated to it… and them.

* * * * *

Let’s begin with this fact: Most of what you’ve heard called science, isn’t science. So, let’s start over:

Science is not a group of schools or laboratories.

Science is not a set of facts.

Science is not a set of laws.

Science is a process – it is a technique for verifying our ideas about the world. Science is nothing more than a way of verifying things. All the other things you’ve heard called “science” were wrong.

Knowledge In The Old World

Our world is always full of smart people figuring things out, but the way it was done in the old days wasn’t very effective. At that time, most people tried to decide based on a big pattern of what the world was like: They thought about the pattern they were taught, then tried to fit facts inside of it.

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One response to “Science: What it Is, What It Isn’t, by Paul Rosenberg

  1. That one really cracks me up. “BELIEVE IN SCIENCE!”


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