History Always Repeats: Ukraine, by William Gudal

The U.S. position today is similar to that of Great Britain in the latter half of the 19th century—an empire that had seen its best days and was on a downward slope. From SLL contributor William Gudal:

To understand developments in Ukraine we need to go back in time to somewhere unexpected, England in 1900. It’s not really a stretch; stay with me. As the 19th century rolled into the next one, England was as the height of its supremacy, at least on the surface. Its navy truly ruled the waves. The City was the leading source and allocator of capital. From Jamaica to Bangalore the Sun never set on the Queen’s flag. However, ominously, a tide was beginning to turn. It was during this period, 1880 to 1914 that the British share of world trade shrank from 23 percent to 17 percent. By contrast, during the same period Germany’s share rose from 17 percent to 27 percent. Germany’s steel output for example, 17.6 million tons, was larger than the combined output of Britain, France and Russia. Perhaps other than the US, Germany was the fastest growing country in the world, vibrant with energy and leadership in chemicals, electronics, agriculture and infrastructure development. German tentacles were reaching all around the world, much like Russia and China today.

The result of course was that Great Britain had a mental breakdown. It could tolerate the vibrancy of the economy of its US cousin, in part because there was little it could do about it. But a Continental challenger was a completely different matter. Significantly underpopulated by comparison, 42 million in Britain, compared with 68 million in Germany and 53 million in Austria-Hungary, something had to be done, fast. So Britain launched armed war against Germany. Notwithstanding the absence of any ideological quarrel with Germany, the British propaganda machine was wildly successful in creating massive hate for Germany and the German people. WWI was the most meaningless war ever, with millions of young boys and men, age 18 to 26 killing and maiming each other all over the most unexplainable ideological nothingness. Economic rivalry completely explains the cause and conduct of the war. WWI changed world civilization and society more significantly than all wars combined during the past 200 years. Everything  – everything – changed.

The United States finds itself much like Britain in 1914. It is a fading, failing empire, striking out in psychopathic hysteria. It is a very dangerous caged animal because the United States is no longer a country, it is only a place – a wide open geography which has lost societal identity. It no longer has a national ethos other than destructive empty consumerism and an insatiable thirst for war or preparation for war. The danger arises from the US arsenal of nuclear weapons sufficient to turn the planet into cinders in minutes, a truly nightmarish scenario for a country suffering its own nervous breakdown. Despite bleeding heart handwringing, the US cares no more about the people of Ukraine, one of the most corrupt dysfunctional countries on earth, locus of money laundering, narco trade, pedophilia dealing, any more than it cared about the people of Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan. Follow the money.

The US has shipped almost all of its manufacturing, technology and business enterprises overseas, primarily to China. Now, alarmed at Russia’s vast natural resources, its foreign reserves, its proximity to EU and Eurasian markets, and its looming economic links with China, the US views Russia as Britain viewed Germany in 1914. WWI was not triggered by any ideological conflict. Rather the British hate of Germany was almost purely economic. Likewise, engulfed by runaway debt, an impossible trade deficit, large banking institutions that are actually insolvent, and a totally broken financial system, the US is forced to attack a country who poses absolutely no threat to the US other than economic. Supercharging the national psychosis are the looming consequences which are going to be faced ultimately by almost all national leaders and opinion makers once the ugly realities of the Covid-19 narrative have been exposed. Funny how Covid replaced and covered for the rapidly disintegrating US financial system. Funny then how coincidentally Ukraine has replaced Covid.

Meanwhile, of course, the largest of the two U.S. competitors, China, is treated with near reverence. The US has sold its soul, its ethics and its chattels to the Chinese. The irony about the consternation over China’s designs on Taiwan is that China has already reduced the US to vassal status. China is the clear winner, at least for now.

While all of the foregoing explains some of what is transpiring in Ukraine, much more importantly, what must be factored into all this is The World Economic Forum’s plan for the Great Reset, or the drive to inaugurate one world government. It is quite obvious that the handlers who control the US government have bought into the idea of a single political authority for all humanity, and are in complete alignment with Davos.. The US has been on this track for quite some time, conditioning the population. Open borders are part of the scheme. Elements within Russia may have bought into this idea as well, but the Davos crowd (WEF) apparently perceived that Russia is a little too greedy in hanging on to its resources and culture, and is moving too slowly into integration with Davos. Hence the 20 year push to expand Davos through Ukraine right up to the Russian border. Russia is saying it is not yet ready.

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