Vladimir Zhirinovsky and the Art of Political Predictions, by Robert Bridge

A irrepressible renegade with an impressive predictive record is predicting the end of American by 2024. From Robert Bridge at strategic-culture.org:

Zhirinovsky’s last prophesy has probably perked up some ears in the Washington Beltway, Robert Bridge writes.

Most people know the colorful leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) as something of a court jester who for year has got away with saying the things nobody else would dare. At the same time, however, he has a lesser known track record for predicting events, and his latest one should give the United States tremendous pause.

Born in Almaty, then the capital of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Kazakhstan, on April 25, 1946, Zhirinovsky moved to Moscow in 1964 where he went on to receive several degrees, including in law and philosophy. In 1991, he was leading founder of the LDPR, which was at the time the first accredited opposition party in the Soviet Union. Several months later, Zhirinovsky became a household name in the world of politics as he placed third in the presidential elections, having attracted over 6 million votes.

Although many pages could be written about the LDPR leader’s notorious tirades that have become legendary (suffice it to say that his unfiltered opinions managed to get him declared persona non grata even in Kazakhstan, his homeland, after proposing alterations to the Russia-Kazakh border), the purpose here is to consider his predictions, some of which are startling in their accuracy.

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