Long Live Orbán! By Paul Gottfried

Orbán is a member of one of the world’s rarest species: a politician straight-talking who goes his own way. From Paul Gottfried at chronicles.com:


European People’s Party, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

When Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz-KDNP alliance swept to victory on Sunday, thereby guaranteeing the Hungarian premier a fourth term with a large parliamentary majority, it proved that a national conservative could win in a Western country. It is the greatest victory of national democracy that we may see in our lifetimes and a deserved defeat for the well-heeled, culturally radical advocates of “liberal democracy.”

This unhappy marriage has absolutely nothing to do with self-government and is in fact the polar opposite. Indeed, the now sacralized term rarely made an appearance before the 1960s, and its success has depended on how useful it has been for political and journalistic elites in their mostly unchallenged exercise of power. Liberal democracies do not exclude elections but make sure they take place between mostly indistinguishable candidates—like Obama and Romney, or Dole and Clinton—whom liberal democratic elites can easily control. When faced by a loose deck, as in the case of Donald Trump, who railed against the “lying media” and the “deep state,” the ruling class takes appropriate action.

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