One More Calamity – This One Is Cold, by Cold Climate Change

What if global warming (now renamed climate change) is all wet and the real climate change is in the direction of cooler? From Cold Climate Change at

We live in a time where one calamity seems to come immediately on the heels of another. However, the most crushing one is being entirely ignored by the mainstream press and governments worldwide because they are addicted to climate change lies, the ultimate in fake news. Do you believe in man-made global warming?

Unfortunately, some people and organizations will not change their minds about climate change until it snows in Miami. Some people have the gall to spit directly into the face of Nature, but Nature will have the last laugh though nothing about what is coming is funny.

Just after I penned this line about Miami, I read:

After summertime-like highs, temperatures in the low 50s are set to sweep Florida by this weekend.Arctic air will descend deep into the CONUS to close out the week, driving temperatures into record-breaking territory.Orlando is expecting 50F Saturday night, according to the NWS, while Bradenton and the Tampa Bay area should be in the mid-to-upper 50s, at best — all challenging record lows.

We do not have to wait for the next black swan to fly into our collective backyards. Though many might feel humanity is exhausted and our resilience waning from war, sanctions, food shortages, and price increases few of us can afford wait till the climate jumps on everyone’s back, not with heat but with crop-destroying cold.

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