The Retention of Wealth, by Jeff Thomas

Are you going to be able to hold on to what you’ve earned, or even a fraction of it? Watch out; governments are only going to get more rapacious. From Jeff Thomas at


For most people, the term “investment” means the purchase of something for its anticipated rise in value in the future. However, there is another category of investment, generally referred to as “retention of wealth,” that does not adhere to this definition. Although investments in this category may well rise in value over time, their principle purpose is not profit. Their purpose is to assure that if other investments fail, the investor will still have a portion of his wealth to fall back on.

Generally, during good economic times, investors are inclined to be somewhat uninterested in this category. However, when bad economic times are on the horizon, retention of wealth becomes (or should become) far more significant in importance.

The world has never seen a time like the present one. In most every facet of the economy, personal wealth is threatened. In many countries, there is the threat of greater taxation, devaluation of currencies, collapses in markets, and even outright confiscation of bank accounts.

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