What Freedom Felt Like


h/t The Burning Platform

3 responses to “What Freedom Felt Like

  1. I’m in my 70s, a VN era Marine, and I’ve known more freedom than most alive today. I’m sorry I didn’t do a better job of protecting your birthright. Honest to God I am. I didn’t see it until it was too late.


    • Gringo

      You can’t blame yourself for a failure that has involved millions of people and massive intellectual default. You did what you thought was right and perhaps your thinking changed through the years. However, America’s freedoms have been eroding since before you were born. No need to apologize; you did your best.


  2. Even better, another nail in peoples coffins: Fed withholding taxes prior to people receiving their paychecks got restarted in 1943 after sputtering out 1913-1917, ostensibly as a way to better finance the govt. in WW2. Withholding is still here, along with SS, Medicare, and whatever state govts. can dog-pile on with too. Don’t forget them big cities, and their deficit budgets. And virtually no one squawks. Wonder how pitifully the sheep will bleat when govt. decides to handle everyone’s checking and savings accounts as if they belonged to govt? They’re already being monitored already by the IRS, and what they want is not much of a leap.


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