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Why Los Angeles Is In Trouble – Average Pay For 20,000 Highly Compensated City Employees Nears $150,000, by Adam Andrzejewski

Any government that pays tree trimmers 200 grand deserves to go bankrupt, and the voters who voted for the clowns signing the checks deserve their misery. From Adam Andrzejewski at

The Los Angeles area comprises the Hollywood movie studios, Beverly Hills, Muscle Beach, and a previously booming economy that trailed only New York City and Tokyo.

The city is also home to powerful politicians such as U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, Chairman of House Judiciary Committee; U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, Chief Deputy Whip; and Mayor Eric Garcetti, the National Co-Chairman of Biden for President.

However, LA itself is in trouble. Whenever we open the books, the city consistently ranks among the worst tax and spend offenders.

Last year, there were 20,000 highly compensated city employees whose average pay exceeded $147,000 and cost taxpayers $3 billion. All of them made more than $100,000 and nearly 2,000 out-earned California Governor Gavin Newsom ($202,000).

Our auditors at found painters making $113,943; “tree surgeons” trimming $207,058; police officers with an arresting $325,942; legislative analysts earning $399,631; firefighters hosing down $486,674; and “harbor boat pilots” swimming in $515,000.

Mayor’s Office – Mayor Garcetti cost taxpayers $269,375 in salary – $67,000 more than Gov. Newsom. Seven “deputy mayors” earned $1.44 million with individual salaries each exceeding $200,000. Chief of staff, Ann Guerrero, made $232,205– compensation out earning the mayor of Chicago ($216,000).

Garcetti has an executive staff larger than 48 of the 50 state governors. The mayor employed 261 people last year for $20+ million in salary cost.

While permanent staff enjoy handsome salaries, Garcetti also relies on unpaid labor. Although intern positions are available in dozens of departments working on issues such as homelessness, sustainability, and immigration, those internships are not compensated.

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2020: The Year We Lost Our Common Sense, Courage and Civil Liberties, by Robert Bridge

This year has been marked by off-the-charts duplicity, cowardice, and idiocy. From Robert Bridge at

Once it became clear to the Western elite that their subjects would readily accept draconian anti-Covid measures, it encouraged them to usher in a code-red lifestyle where there will be no ‘return to normal’ in the foreseeable future and, possibly, never.

If nothing else, nobody can say we were not warned about the madness that would descend upon leap year 2020, making it one of the worst 366 days ever recorded on the Gregorian calendar.

On October 18, 2019, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, together with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted the incredibly visionary Event 201, an exercise that simulated the outbreak of a pandemic “transmitted from bats to people that eventually becomes…transmissible from person to person.”

The simulation proved to be so uncannily similar to the real thing that started just three months later – from imagining a dramatic drop in air travel and business, to breaks in the global supply chain – that Johns Hopkins eventually felt compelled to release a statement saying their exercise was not intended to be a prophecy of future events.

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Stopping the Spread, by Eric Peters

Wearing a mask you know is ineffective to either prevent you or prevent others from getting sick, and insisting everyone else does as well, that qualifies as a psychosis or mental illness, regardless of how many people do it. From Eric Peters at

How do we cure Sickness Psychosis?

We don’t. But each of us can act individually- and that becomes a compounding and cumulative thing of eventually great power, in the manner of rain drops becoming rivulets becoming creeks and streams, then mighty torrents.

As an individual, I refuse to play Sickness Kabuki. I have never once worn a Face Diaper and have ignored all the “lockdown” decrees issued by the Gesundheitsfuhrer of my state.

This is all I can do.

By myself, it’s not much. One person out of a supermarket-full of the Faceless presents the spectacle of a curious heretic to the Faithful, who remain secure in their Faith – in the manner of everyone at a Hare Krishna gathering wearing the same saffron robes. The robe-wearers appear to be the “normal” ones, as far as they can see.

But if even a third of the rest of the people in my area or yours refuse to wear the Holy Vestment of the Sickness Cult then it would not appear normal. Those wearing the Holy Vestment would look like the small group of Krishnas you used to see at airports – i.e., obvious weirdos to be avoided. 

Which would discourage people from joining up.   

The “lockdowns” and Sickness Kabuki – including the locking up of elderly people – would end within a week. 

If even a third – perhaps it would only take a fourth – of small businesses had defied the Gesundheitsfuhrer orders that they shutter their businesses the only businesses that would now be out of business would be those that freely chose to close their doors – and that would be on them, economic suicide being as much their right as personal hari-kari.

But they would not have enabled the economic murder of the businesses that wanted to live.

Conformity is the killer. It is the thing which tyranny requires before it becomes inescapable.

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“We Hadn’t Really Thought Through the Economic Impacts” ~ Melinda Gates

Why can’t they eat cake? Marie Antionette wondered. From Jeffrey A. Tucker at

In a wide-ranging interview in the New York Times, Melinda Gates made the following remarkable statement: “What did surprise us is we hadn’t really thought through the economic impacts.” A cynic might observe that one is disinclined to think much about matters than do not affect one personally.

It’s a maddening statement, to be sure, as if “economics” is somehow a peripheral concern to the rest of human life and public health. The larger context of the interview reveals the statement to be even more confused. She is somehow under the impression that it is the pandemic and not the lockdowns that are the cause of the economic devastation that includes perhaps 30% of restaurants going under, among many other terrible effects.

She doesn’t say that outright but, like many articles in the mainstream press over this year, she very carefully crafts her words to avoid the crucial subject of lockdowns as the primary cause of economic disaster. It’s possible that she actually believes this virus is what tanked the world economy on its own but that is a completely unsustainable proposition.

Further, her comments provide a perfect illustration of the core problem all along: most of the people who have been advocating lockdowns in fact have no actual experience in managing pandemics. To many of these, Covid-19 became their new playground to try out an unprecedented experiment in social and economic management: shutting down travel, businesses, schools, churches, and issuing stay-at-home orders that smack of totalitarian impositions.

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The Past Lives On: The Elite Strategy To Divide and Conquer, by Edward Curtin

Every politician pays homage to the working class, then ignores it (at best) or pursues policies that destroy it. From Edward Curtin at

Photo by Sonder Quest on Unsplash

They call my people the White Lower Middle Class these days. It is an ugly, ice-cold phrase, the result, I suppose, of the missionary zeal of those sociologists who still think you can place human beings on charts.  It most certainly does not sound like a description of people on the edge of open, sustained and possibly violent revolt,” wrote the marvelous New York journalist, Pete Hamill in “The Revolt of the White Lower Middle Class” in New York magazine.

He added:

The White Lower Middle Class? Say that magic phrase at a cocktail party on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and monstrous images arise from the American demonology. Here comes the murderous rabble: fat, well-fed, bigoted, ignorant, an army of beer-soaked Irishmen, violence-loving Italians, hate-filled Poles. Lithuanians and Hungarians….Sometimes these brutes are referred to as ‘the ethnics’ or ‘the blue-collar types.’ But the bureaucratic, sociological phrase is White Lower Middle Class. Nobody calls it the Working Class anymore.

He wrote that on April 14, 1969. Yesterday. Little changes.

Transferred from NYC to the middle of the country half a century later, these people are referred to as Trump’s “deplorables.” They comes in baskets, as Hillary Clinton said.  And even though they represent nearly half the voting public in the last two presidential elections – 70+ million Americans – their complaints are dismissed as the rantings of ignorant, conservative racists.

Name calling substitutes for understanding. This is not an accident.

Like Hamill, I am a NYC born and bred Irish-American – my working-class Bronx to Pete’s Brooklyn. We both attended the same Jesuit high school in different years. Unlike Hamill, known for his gritty street reporting, because I have been a college sociology professor, I could falsely be categorized as a northeastern liberal intellectual oozing with disdain for those who voted for Trump.  This is false, because, like Hamill, I see it as my intellectual duty to understand what motivates these voters, just as I do with those who voted for Biden.

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Hacking at the Root, by Eric Peters

Businesses need government permission to operate in the land of the unfree. Not surprisingly, business has become the government’s coronavirus totalitarianism enforcer. From Eric Peters at


The chief enforcement mechanism being deployed to force Americans to join the Sickness Cult – to give the appearance of universal agreement with its tenets via the wearing of the Holy Rag over their faces – isn’t the government.

It is the “free” market.

In air quotes to emphasize that it is not free.

The market – businesses – have become adjuncts of the government by dint of having accepted that they must obtain permission from the government in order to be in business. This, in turn, gives government control over the business – which now extends to the demand that businesses enforce “mandates” that are not even laws such as the wearing of the Holy Rag within their establishments.

If they fail to enforce the “mandates” – irrespective of their dubious legality – they are threatened with extortionate fines and the rescinding of the government’s permission to be in business.

And so they enforce the “mandates.”

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Will Biden Listen to the Science? by Ron Paul

If Biden does listen to the science, there will be no national lockdowns or face mask mandates. From Ron Paul at

Former Vice President Joe Biden has not been officially declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, but that has not stopped him from forming a coronavirus task force. The task force is composed of supporters of increased government control.

One idea Biden and his task force are considering is a four to six weeks nationwide lockdown. However, supporting a nationwide lockdown would violate Biden’s campaign pledge to “listen to the science.” The evidence regarding lockdowns is so overwhelming that even the World Health Organization (WHO) has been forced to admit the truth: lockdowns do more harm than good.

Lockdowns result in more instances of depression, suicide, domestic violence, and alcohol and drug abuse. Lockdowns also cause people to not go to hospitals or doctors’ offices, leading to people dying because they failed to obtain medical assistance in a timely manner.

Biden also is working with governors, mayors, and other state and local officials to create a de facto national mask mandate. Biden has also declared he will mandate mask wearing in all federal buildings and for people traveling interstate. A mask mandate for interstate travel could mean you will be required to wear a mask on airplanes, trains, and even when driving in your own car if you cross state lines.

Yet again, Biden is ignoring the science. In this case the science has demonstrated that most masks are ineffective at preventing the spread of a virus. Medical science also shows that wearing a mask for extended periods of time can cause health problems. For example, mask wearing interferes with proper breathing. Long-term mask wearing may also cause serious dental problems. Ironically, major victims of mask mandates include low-wage workers Biden and his fellow progressives claim to care so much about. Many of these workers are required to wear masks on the job.

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Hammer and Scorecard: Big Tech’s Drive to End Democracy, by Matthew Ehret

Computerized voting fraud is far easier to implement and much harder to detect than the standard vote fraud techniques Democrats have employed for decades. From Matthew Ehret at

On the evening of November 5, the President of the United States delivered remarks from the White House relaying the evidence of a massive vote fraud conducted by the same intelligence community-Wall Street- Big Tech alliance that had been actively organizing for his overthrow for 4 years. Despite the truthfulness of his remarks which growing evidence of vote counting computer software fraud has only validated, the mainstream media from NBC, CNN, NPR and MSNBC made the unprecedented move of censoring the President in mid speech for the protection of the minds of viewers.

Among his many offenses to the consciences of the press, the president stated “If you count the legal votes, I easily win. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us.” (The full censored speech which can be read here.)

But what does that mean? What are illegal votes?

As the president lays out in that censored speech and in other locations over this past week, illegal votes means just that: votes garnered for one candidate or subtracted from another candidate through illegal means. The typical forms such illegal votes tend to take may be: 1) mail-in votes that arrived past legal deadlines and yet were counted anyway or had their time stamps changed by postal workers, 2) votes from dead people, 3) absentee votes from people who had moved from the states in registering their votes. There are others of course.

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Consolidation Is Killing Jobs In The U.S. Shale Industry, by Tsvetana Paraskova

If Biden is in fact crowned king of America, the oil industry he wants to abolish is a harbinger of a looming Greatest Depression. From Tsvetana Paraskova at

The long-awaited consolidation in the U.S. shale patch is well underway, with several high-profile multi-billion-dollar deals announced in the span of just a few weeks.

Analysts say that the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) frenzy was inevitable; smaller oil firms with manageable debts are trying to survive the pandemic-driven industry downturn, and bigger players are looking to add top-quality assets to their portfolios.

What is also inevitable during this consolidation drive in the U.S. shale patch is the loss of U.S. oil industry jobs as companies combine to reduce fixed cost and administrative expenses and benefit from synergies.

Granted, the oil industry had already started shedding jobs at a fast pace as early as in March, when oil prices crashed in the pandemic, and the brief but very ill-timed Saudi-Russia spat over OPEC+ policies further crushed the market. The U.S. industry has already lost thousands of jobs in the upstream and oilfield services sectors because companies curtailed production at oil prices lower than break-evens and slashed capital spending for this year and next.

While signs have emerged that the worst for employment and rig counts could be over, the M&A mania is leading to another wave of job losses in the U.S. oil sector. However, many of those layoffs could take place in corporate functions and support services. As firms announce deals, they are also announcing layoffs at the new entities. Those redundancies add to an already high number of jobs lost due to the pandemic-inflicted crisis.

Analysts and the market welcomed the latest U.S. oil deals as win-win transactions and perfect fits for the pairs involved. But there is a loser in those mergers and acquisitions—the oil industry jobs.

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Why New York City Is In Trouble – 114,041 Public Employees With $100,000+ Paychecks Cost Taxpayers $14.6 Billion, by Adam Andrzejewski

And Bill De Blasio wants a federal bailout! From Adam Andrzejewski at

Mayor Bill de Blasio is aggressively pushing for a $12.4 billion federal bailout— because New York City faces an unprecedented $7 billion budget deficit over the next two years.

Last week, in a public relations stunt, the mayor announced a one-week unpaid furlough of himself and 494 employees within his office — a taxpayer savings of a paltry $860,000.

So, how did the city get so deep into trouble?

Our auditors at dug into the skyrocketing city payroll. In 2016, there were 76,166 employees with pay exceeding $100,000. By 2019, there were more than 114,000 — a 50-percent increase in six-figure earners.

In 2019, plumber helpers earned $172,988; thermostat repairmen made up to $198,630; regular laborers hauled away $213,169; electricians lit up $253,132; and plumbers pocketed up to $286,245.

School janitors ($256,000) out-earned the principals ($154,000). Four deputy mayors made over $241,641 each and 5,998 city employees out-earned New York governor Andrew Cuomo ($178,000).

The city has 331,520 full-time equivalent employees – up from 297,349 in 2014.

However, 592,432 people pulled a paycheck at some point last year at a total cost of $29.5 billion. (This included base salary, overtime, and “other pay,” but not healthcare or pension benefits. Those perks add 30-percent.)

Office of the Mayor – $52 million payroll cost

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s base salary was $258,541 plus free rent at Gracie Mansion and regular police-escorted trips to the gym – even as he closed schools, restaurants, and gyms.

First Deputy Mayor Dean Fuleihan made $278,980 and three deputy mayors earned between $241,641 and $246,124. Even de Blasio’s executive chef Feliberto Estevez cooked up $124,285.

First Lady Chirlane McCray, de Blasio’s wife, works within the Office of the Mayor as a volunteer. However, fourteen city employees aid McCray with salaries that cost taxpayers $2 million per year.

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