The Russia-NATO Cyber War Is Escalating Fast, by Nick Corbishley

It’s a whole new battlefield. From Nick Corbishley at

Fears are rising that the boundaries of the cyber war between Russia and NATO could soon spread beyond Europe.

Eight cybersecurity authorities from the so-called “Five Eye” nations (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand) released a joint statement on Thursday warning that more malicious cyber activity is on the way as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to undermine geopolitical stability.

Before we look at the statement in any depth, an important five-pronged caveat is needed:

  • Both the US and the UK are among the primary antagonists in NATO’s ongoing war with Russia;
  • They both have significant offensive cyber war capabilities of their own;
  • US intelligence agencies, at Obama’s behest, have drawn up a list of potential overseas targets for cyber attacks;
  • Both countries have surreptitiously conducted vast surveillance programs, targeting not only their own populations but also citizens and government leaders of other countries;
  • The world right now is in the grip of the biggest information war of this century.

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