Long History of US-Russia Confrontation, by John Ryan

It’s helpful to review the history of U.S.-Russia relations to put the Ukraine-Russia war in perspective. From John Ryan at unz.com:

US Troops in Vladivostok in 1918

The US has a long History of Confrontation with Russia

This goes way back to the time of Lenin’s revolution in 1917 to replace the Tsar with a communist government. Along with more than a dozen other countries, in 1918 the US sent 13,000 troops to fight Lenin’s Bolshevik forces. Although this was gross interference in another country’s affairs, more than 250,000 foreign troops took part in the war against the Russian forces. The Russian forces fought with patriotic zeal, and the foreign troops made little progress and were forced to withdraw in 1920.

The US finally established diplomatic relations with the USSR in 1933 and an icy relationship has continued to the present. When Nazi Germany attacked the USSR in June of 1941, the US position was revealed by then U.S. Senator Harry Truman when he said:

“If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible, although I don’t want to see Hitler victorious under any circumstances.”

Primarily through the battles fought by Soviet forces, Nazi Germany was defeated, but instead of gratitude for this historical feat, the US government was persuaded by its embedded faction of Russia-hating officials to embark on a totally different course of action.

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3 responses to “Long History of US-Russia Confrontation, by John Ryan

  1. Uh…there has also been a very friendly faction in the government towards the USSR. Hopkins, White, and numerous other officials in FDR’s cabinet gave the Soviets far more support than most people know.
    Heck, even before Germany invaded the Soviet Union-when the non-aggression pact was still in place-the US was sending more food, clothing, fuel, and war material to the Soviets than they were to the British.
    The anti-Soviets were vastly overruled during the FDR regime by the pro-Soviet faction.


  2. Sadly..
    joe or jane 6 pack voter …
    1-Is Not going to read something that long
    2-There are too many broken links(therefore it will be deemed propaganda)
    3-They don’t read history, Nor will they put the time into it to do just that (hell they dont read about our own history or understand it)
    4-There comprehension level just won’t comprehend what they are reading.

    Ukraine to them ….IS what they are being told.
    Goto your local bar, have something and JUST listen to the conversations around you. Engage No One.

    This is all just my opinion, but I have done the above last statement.

    This is a done deal.
    How it ends……..


  3. But while some were anti-Russia, the Roosevelt administration was very pro, and Harry Hopkins, operating lend lease from the Lincoln bedroom, began sending the Soviets uranium and other atomic bomb related materials in 1943, as well as giving Stalin the superior diesel powered tanks, while our troops were stuck with the explosive gasoline engines…


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