Is Satan 11 a Game Changer? By Declan Hayes

Sad to say, Russia’s Satan 11 ICBM probably isn’t a game changer, even if the Russians used it. It would be the excuse the U.S. and Europe to go full nuclear. From Declan Hayes at

Russia should ignore Zelensky and the Finnish biker and let the EU know what its choices are.

Although Satan 11, Russia’s latest super‐heavy RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), packs a lethal punch, it is not of itself a game changer. Because leopards don’t change their spots, NATO won’t stop its war mongering until it is defanged, disarmed and demobbed. Though Satan 11 is necessary to deter NATO’s aggression, it is not nearly sufficient to alter the NATO jingoistic mind set that now has middle aged Swedish and Finnish women clambering to kick start Armageddon.

If these Swedish and Finnish mamasans want Santa’s Lapland to be nuked, fair enough. On the positive side, pre-emptive nuclear strikes would end Sweden’s rampant urban terrorism and enable future entrepreneurs to build back better after Assa Abloy, Electrolux, Ericcson, Essity, H&M, Ikea, Skanska, Spotify, Vattenfall, Volvo, Abba and Greta Thunberg dissolve in palls of nuclear smoke, with Finnish firms Nordia, Nokia, Neste and UPM tagging along for the one-way ride.

Though all sane Swedes and Finns, like all sane Norwegians and Danes, don’t want to be NATO’s sacrificial lambs, they don’t have a vote in this. Scandinavia is not Switzerland. And they are certainly not democracies which are dependent upon large and well-informed electorates which would quickly discern that Sweden’s pretty Prime Minister and Finland’s prettier Prime Minister are just tools of Empire, lipstick on the war pig that is NATO.

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