Get Woke, Go Broke: Hollywood Is Dying And They Deserve It, by Tyler Durden

Here’s a radical idea. In order to get people to fork over their hard-earned dollars on entertainment, you can’t tell them what you think they ought to hear or see, unless its something they want to see. If they don’t, no dollars for you, and word gets out fast. From Tyler Durden at

Hollywood is dying, their various partners are dying, and they brought it on themselves. The entertainment and corporate news industry has long had a cringe inducing leftist bias, but for many years their propaganda and their motivations remained comparatively subtle. Then, something happened. Maybe it was the election of Donald Trump, maybe it was a unified decision within corporate culture to take the mask completely off and reveal the true ugliness underneath, or, maybe it was just pure arrogance. Whatever the cause, Hollywood and all the related appendages of the tinsel town religion suddenly turned openly militant and the zealotry was palpable.

This is a dynamic that had been developing for some time, but truly became an international phenomena around 2016 onward. It’s important to note that also around this same time there was a burgeoning revelation among conservatives and many moderates that our popular culture had been overrun by people with an agenda, and they did not have our best intentions at heart. We had been lax in our vigilance. Many thought that pop culture was “stuff for children” and that the real fight was in politics. They were wrong.

The first group that really took notice and spoke up was video game consumers. This led to open opposition to leftists hijacking the industry and spreading like a cancer into video games journalism. And, of course, as soon as people expressed distrust the leftists attacked them as “racists, homophobes, bigots, sexists and misogynists.” A typical gaslighting response that is all too familiar today. Known as “Gamergate,” leftists to this day still rabidly froth at the mouth over the mere mention of “integrity in video games journalism.” Leftists really hate it when you expose them.

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