The Happy Divorce, Just Maybe . . ., by Eric Peters

Sometimes breaking up really is the best thing to do. From Eric Peters at

Most people who’ve gotten divorced don’t regret it, after the fact – notwithstanding the unpleasantness of going through a divorce. Because the alternative is usually worse. That being spending the rest of your life chained to someone you no longer love or who no longer loves you.

Possibly, someone who hates your guts – and is out to make your life as miserable as they possibly can.

That is not usually the case, one hopes. More often – one hopes – it is simply that the couple has drifted apart; they no longer understand each other. Their values differ – and cannot be reconciled. In such a case, the only reasonable option is a parting – hopefully, with as little damage done to each side as possible.

America is arguably at such a stage.

It is clear there are irreconcilable differences – the usual metric for deciding that a marriage cannot be salvaged.

One “spouse” – loosely defined as the political Left – is determined to impose its values (all if them) on the other, irrespective of the other “spouse’s” profound antipathy to those values. The former cannot abide peaceful coexistence – as embodied by the once-functional give-and-take that defined the American political process, wherein sometimes the other side won an election and the results were accepted, if not with pleasure, with equanimity. We’ll do better next time – and an effort was made to persuade the electorate to vote differently in a subsequent election.

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