This Week in the New Normal, by Off-Guardian

The right-wing weaponizing national parks, Bill Gates dreaming of online censorship (presumably so nobody will be able to tell anyone his vaccines kill people), and Chinese banks that let you put your money in but not take it out; it’s all part of this crazy old world of ours. From Off-Guardian at

1. The extreme right weaponising the outdoors

Fresh from weaponising memes in 2021, the classics in 2018 and irony in 2016, those pesky alt-righters are back at it – ruining perfectly ordinary things, like going outside.

Yes, according to Vice

White Nationalists Want to Reclaim Nature as a Safe Space for Racists

Which contains this amazing sentence:

The racist roots of national parks in America has made them an attraction to white supremacists over the years.

It’s not just going outside that’s the problem, it’s buying local produce from farmers’ markets…

Of course, obsessions with purity and clean living aren’t just an American white supremacist thing. Nazi Germany was deeply concerned about the longevity of the Aryan race, and so encouraged a healthy lifestyle and good diet. But eating a natural diet was also a core component of the Nazi slogan “blood and soil”—intended to foster nationalism by eating food grown on the land.

See, it’s not just American fascists that like eating natural food…German fascists did it too. And no one else, apparently.

This is not a new phenomenon. For years it’s been a common refrain across the MSM to accuse the “alt-right” of “weaponising” things they want to undermine, up to and including free speech.

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