Frightening! Terrible, Fatal Brain Disease Linked to COVID Vaccines, by Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn

Remember mad cow disease? (Search engine it if you don’t.) There’s a human variant that is just as inevitably deadly. Guess what? It’s being linked to COVID vaccines, the new world order gift that just keeps on giving. From Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn at

Of the many adverse impacts of COVID vaccines, this brain disease is the most frightening.

If you are a critical thinker who appreciates truth-telling about COVID vaccines, then you should deeply be concerned that there are data indicating the vaccines can produce one of the deadliest diseases known to medicine.

The disease is always fatal.  Normally, only about a thousand Americans die from it annually.

Now, who knows?  The government is not working hard to track Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CID).  It is known as a prion disease.

According to Mayo Clinic, CJD is a degenerative brain disorder that leads to dementia and, ultimately, death.  CJD is a rare deadly disease caused by an abnormal protein in the brain called a prion.

Some years ago, a form of this disease was known as mad cow disease.

The point is not just about getting this lethal disease, but rather that COVID vaccines that can cause it should be seen as incredibly dangerous in a great many ways.

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