Fire Burn, and Cauldron Bubble, by William Gudal

This is from SLL reader William Gudal, who has graced this blog before to good response.

Jack Kennedy, for all his faults, personal and otherwise, was trying to implement humane and rational government policy. He intended to reach accommodation and end the mindless war with the Soviet Union. His actions toward Castro and Cuba were directed toward détente and incorporation. The strong evidence suggests that he had every intention to stop the madness in Vietnam at the expense of the military industrial complex. Kennedy’s September 1961 speech to the UN strongly foreshadowed disarmament of war machines and also referenced Dag Hammarskjold, an emissary for peace who died one week before in a very suspicious airplane crash on the way to the Belgian Congo. Further, Kennedy was viewed as an interloper by his very dangerous vice president. He had become a huge liability to a mountain of vested interests.

At the time of JFK’s murder on the afternoon of November 22, Lee Harvey Oswald was eating lunch several floors down in Book Depository cafeteria. Ominous forces took care of the Kennedy problem. At this moment in history everything changed. If there is a seminal moment in the life of a nation, this was Ground Zero. Evil came this way and a curse was placed on the United States of America. The three hags granted Macbeth’s desire and as a consequence Lady Macbeth’s madness has descended upon us. Hover through the fog and filthy air. From that moment on the US has experienced nothing but bad luck. Debacles followed. The immorality of Vietnam. Nixon’s ignoble resignation. Loss of the gold standard. A million killed in Iraq. Another million in Afghanistan. The destruction of Libya and the theft of its gold. An endless series of horrible Presidents, one after another. Collaboration with Saudi Arabia and the holocaust in Yemen. Torturing and rendition. A disaster in the cannon fodder cesspool of Ukraine. Destruction of the financial system. Collapsed borders. Obsequious economic surrender to China. Debt catastrophe. Never-ending ugly urban/suburban sprawl. This is a short list. All this could only happen to a nation cursed by bad luck. What else could explain it?

Kennedy lies in his simple grass grave in Arlington but he won’t let us be.

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