If Canadians Wanted to Eat Crickets, We Wouldn’t Be Forced to Subsidize the Cricket Farm, by Karen Selick

Your tax dollars at work. From Karen Selick at lewrockwell.com:

I know a Canadian man who lives in Thailand. He teaches English as his primary occupation, but he and his wife also have a “hobby farm” raising crickets in large wooden bins in their home. When the insects are ready for harvesting, his wife—a Thai native—fries them up with popular Thai seasonings. The crickets are then sold as snacks on the local streets.

For Thais, eating insects isn’t novel. Take a look at some of the other mouth-watering delicacies they eat: bamboo worms, silkworms, grasshoppers and giant water bugs.

Thais aren’t the only people in the world who eat insects. “Consumers in Latin America are already familiar with eating insects as food or snacks,” according to this Mexican bureaucrat in charge of food safety.

Recently, however, it has been announced that Canada, of all places – where I’ve lived all my life and have never known anyone to eat crickets – will become home to the world’s largest cricket farm, newly built in London, Ontario by Aspire Food Group. The company’s CEO, Mohammed Ashour, predicts that North Americans will soon join two billion other people on the planet who, he claims, already eat insects.

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