Are We There Yet? By Tim Hartnett

Many questions, no good answers. From Tim Harnett at

“If you don’t get it, you don’t get it,” The Washington Post once warned the politically nerdophobic. It turned out a Graham family un-coolness rating didn’t pack much punch in the peer pressure department. The paper that was once worth billions was sold to Jeff Bezos for 250 million.

Jeff renewed the copyright for the catchphrase the same month he bought the company. He finally figured out that the hipster act flew about as high for the Post as it would have for J. Edgar Hoover. That’s when the publisher made the switch. He went from “we’re cool” to solemn sanctimony overnight with the slogan: “Democracy dies in darkness.” Hank Williams belting out “I Saw the Light” is the perfect background tune while reading their sermons nowadays. “Blinded by the Light” comes in a distant second.

You don’t have to work at 1301 “K” St. NW not to get it though. The numbers are legion who fail to recognize that Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Ross Perot and Donald Trump all ran on the “new sheriff in Dodge” platform. Perot was the only one who never got elected. He did garner 19% of the popular vote trying – the highest returns of any third party candidate since Teddy Roosevelt in 1912.

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