To Laugh Is To Win

h/t The Burning Platform

how to isolate virus world leaders raft

telling me see pattern hate crimes not wearing maga hat

office sign biden liberal world order banning guns not coincidence

hate racist capitalism book one way ticket china venezuela cuba

sun looking at everyone wearing masks outside

me highlighting parts constitution that matter yellow

neo matrix red blue pill fck democratic republican parties

brittney griner shouldnt play national anthem jail russia

babylon bee joe biden i apologize latest teleprompter gaffe end apology

what are political views dc smoke explosions

quote bill gates epstein island trafficking

corporate media uvaldi shooter is this right wing extremist

digging people starting discover truths conspiracy theorists

tweet rights not gift from goverment teach kids

weapon used on abe double barrelled shotgun homemade

tweet employer pay female kill baby more dystopian handmades tale

fbi agent fan my memes fema camp loki

uber driver missed turn kidnapped dogs

dogs afraid of cats support group

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