Very Good Things . . ., by Eric Peters

There have been silver linings in the Covid fiasco. From Eric Peters at

So many good things have come about as a result of the worst thing that has happened to us, ever. That being the “pandemic,” as its purveyors have largely succeeded in getting most of us to refer to it. Very much as they got us to use their verbiage to refer to the events of September 11, 2001 as “911.” Both of these usages being of great psychological importance. By using them, we are manipulated into agreeing with them. There is a “pandemic.” We agree that an emergency – 911 – exists.

There are other such usages, such as the injunction to wear your (rather than a) “mask” and get your “vaccine.” That the “climate” is “changing.” 

These are all very bad things.

But a good thing has happened. More people than ever before have begun to examine these usages, to think about what is meant –  and once that begins, it is very difficult to ever stop it.

A good way to understand the process is by referring to the old sci-movie, They Live – which was about a society asleep at the wheel, programmed to the uses of a cabal of aliens who people couldn’t see unless they put on special sunglasses. Once they saw, they could not unsee.

It works the same in real life, no special sunglasess needed.

People have begun to see – not only through the lies – but that the lies are deliberate, malicious and being used to further ends no less diabolical than in the movie.

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