“Crazy” Questions Everyone Should Have Asked About Covid-19, by Brian J. Foley

Never underestimate the power of a question, particularly a “crazy” question. From Brian J. Foley at lewrockwell.com:

One of the most astonishing things about the past two-plus years and counting has been how asking certain questions gets one branded as “crazy,” “stupid,” “conspiracy theorist,” etc.  Questions that, had you asked “Before COVID,” would have been … normal.

So let’s dig into our closets and put on our now-sort-of-out-of-fashion clothes, get into a time machine and travel back to, say, 2014. (I pick 2014 to “control” for the Trump Derangement Syndrome that gripped about half the country and most media the next year.)

Government officials and media breathlessly tell us that a deadly virus is rampant, and that we must take particular measures, including vaccinating everyone. Before rolling up your sleeve for an injection, you would questions.

Regarding the illness, you would ask:

What is the severity of the illness?

What is my risk of being infected?

If I’m infected, what is my risk of hospitalization?

If I’m infected, what is my risk of death?

What is the actual risk of other people, and if anyone is at significant risk, what can I do to reduce such risk (“protect others”)?

If people have been reported to have died from the virus or become severely ill from it, how was causation determined? Are we sure the illness was the cause?

Do the people reporting the deaths/severe illness have any incentive to report them as deaths/severe illness from the virus as opposed to from another cause?

Regarding Proposed Non-Medical Interventions (lockdowns, social distancing, masking, etc.) you would ask:

What is the purpose of each proposed intervention?

What is the likelihood that any particular intervention will achieve such purpose?

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