Now This Is What I’d Call a Civil War, by Jon Rappoport

What is psychiatry and its many, many drugs doing to the U.S. population? From Jon Rappoport at

Against all Americans, regardless of political beliefs

The ‘mental health issues’ scam: a deep dive into the underlying crimes and the self-appointed “rulers of the mind”

Advisory[dot]com, December 14, 2016: “An estimated 40 million Americans take psychiatric drugs.”

In the wake of the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, major media have been pushing and pushing the narrative that “extremist right-wing groups are calling for violence…Civil War…”

Well, here is a Civil War already in progress. It’s been going on for decades.


A point before I dive into this grotesque subject. Suddenly withdrawing from psychiatric drugs can be dangerous and even life-threatening. Withdrawal needs to be conducted gradually by a professional who knows what he’s doing. See for more information about this.

All right, here we go:

Society is now celebrating people who say they have mental health issues.

Athletes who “come forward” with their confessions are heroes.

So let me be clear. “Mental health issues” is a PRODUCT. It’s being sold like SUVs, cereal, beer, skin care lotions.

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